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Ankit Tuteja

Ankit Tuteja


At work, Ankit is a technology journalist. When not in the digital space, he finds his world in food and music.

Foldable display to 5G: New trends that could reinvent smartphones

Smartphones are expected to evolve with more immersive experiences, driven by Artificial Intelligence and gesture control.

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India@71: First-of-its-kind tech achievements

Here's a look back at the technological strides India has taken after getting independence. Read Article

Far-fetched promises cast a shadow on 'visionary' Elon Musk

Musk's plans look grand and promise a better future, but the groundwork doesn't seem to be solid enough for them to take off. Read Article

Beware, online shoppers! E-commerce websites flooded with fake reviews

Some people or merchants directly contact prospective clients to write fake reviews through emails, guaranteeing a return. Read Article

Opinion: Is digital invasion costing us happiness?

We rarely give it a thought, but the internet is not leaving us with the time we genuinely need to be with ourselves, and this in turn is costing us happiness. Read Article

Opinion: On International Women's day, women who rocked the tech world

Recalling the many contributions women have made in the field of technology which is essentially seen as the men's domain. Some of these women-… Read Article

Opinion: Why AI-driven video tools have become dangerous

The Internet is now flooded with a lot of artificial intelligence-powered video tools that have made face -swapping in videos easier than ever before… Read Article

Opinion: While the world plans to embrace cryptocurrencies, India is suspicious

While many countries are embracing cryptocurrencies, India's finance ministry has cautioned investors about the risks of trading in… Read Article

Opinion: Why India has slower Internet speed than Pakistan

The 4G speed in India is not just poor, it’s the slowest in the world. Read Article

Mario is getting its own encyclopedia in English

The encyclopedia will chronicle the 30-year-long eventful journey of Super Mario from 1985 to 2015. Read Article

Opinion: Is German car company Daimler poisoning our air?

While Daimler has been accused in the US for cheating on emission tests, it is contributing to a government-funded project in Germany that aims to… Read Article

Opinion: On Safer Internet Day, 10 tips to prevent hacking

Hackers have found new ways to break into your devices. But if you keep your digital doors locked, it reduces your chances of becoming a cybercrime… Read Article

'Good morning' messages slowing down smartphones: Survey

One in three smartphone users in India run out of space on their phones daily Read Article

Opinion: Hina Khan's defeat and Shilpa Shinde's win in Bigg Boss 11 reflect on the regressive Indian society

Of what I saw on Bigg Boss over the last 3 months, two factors majorly contributed to Shilpa’s win - her strong fan base and the fact that she played… Read Article

Yearender 2017: 5 tech breakthroughs that promise a better future

A plethora of interesting innovations happened during the year 2017, but some of them stand out with a promise to transform the way we live, work,… Read Article