Radio Pakistan copies Indian broadcasters; gets trolled on Twitter

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IslamabadUpdated: May 11, 2020, 12:08 AM IST
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Radio Pakistan, while trying to copy Indian broadcasters, ended up being subjected to trolls over faulty weather reports.

Pakistan's radio broadcaster, Radio Pakistan, put out a tweet on Sunday with maximum and minimum temperatures in Ladakh. However, contrary to its expectation, it was trolled by Twitteratis as the weather forecast was broadcasted with a major error.

The tweet from the Pakistani Twitter handle read: "In Ladakh, maximum temperature is -4 degree centigrade and minimum temperature is -1 degree centigrade."

However, Twitter observed the mistake in the tweet and quickly pointed out that -4 degree centigrade was lower than -1 degree centigrade, and therefore cannot be the maximum temperature.

This error led to Pakistan being subjected to yet another thread of jokes and memes.

"Wrong… max should be -1 and minimum should be -4," wrote a user.

"Ye tweet padh ke Pakistan ki maximum aukat aur minimum IQ pata chal gayi..(After reading the tweet one gets to know Pakistan's maximum status and minimum IQ)," joked another twitterati.

"RIP common sense!!! -4 max and - 1 min??? Kon se gole se science padhe ho (where have you studied science from)???" another user tweeted.

The tweet, that led to trolling, came days after India started the coverage of weather of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

India started broadcasting weather reports of PoK towns of Mirpur, Muzaffarabad and Gilgit-Baltistan after Amit Khare, the Secretary of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, on Friday, issued order to All India Radio and DD News.