Impact of Brexit on English Premier League

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New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaWritten By: Srishti Singh SisodiaUpdated: Dec 10, 2018, 02:01 PM IST

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Britain's top-flight football league and probably the best football league in the world - English Premier League (EPL) will be hit if 'Hard Brexit' is delivered by the government.

Brexit is imminent. Everybody knows that Brexit means Britain's exit from the European Union and the world is debating over its implications on immigration, trade etc. which will be affected after Theresa May's government and the British Parliament agrees to economically split from mainland Europe.
The government-level talks are going on, while, the discussion is limited when it comes to Brexit and football.

Britain's top-flight football league and probably the best football league in the world - English Premier League (EPL) will be hit if 'Hard Brexit' is delivered by the government.

A 'hard' exit from the EU would see tighter regulations regarding the movement of goods and people. If restrictions are placed on the movement of players, then attendance of players like, French player N'golo Kante and Algerian Riyad Mahrez will be doubtful. 

So far, the Premier League clubs have been able to sign players without work permits from within the European Economic Area (EEA) and players from outside the EEA must satisfy strict criteria to gain a work permit.

How Brexit will impact the Premier league?

To be exact, 53.4 per cent of England voted to leave EU but when we break it down to cities, it will give us a fair idea whether the clubs want Brexit or not.

The highest ranked football clubs are present in cities like Liverpool, City of London, Manchester etc, and they voted to remain in the EU.

EU referendum results:

City of London (Turnout: 73.5%): Leave 24.7% | Remain 75.3%
Liverpool (Turnout: 65.0%): Leave 41.8% | Remain 58.2%
Manchester (Turnout: 59.7%): Leave 39.6% | Remain 60.4%
Leicester (Turnout: 65.0%): Leave 48.9% | Remain 51.1%

Burnley chairman Mike Garlick and his Stoke counterpart Peter Coates have claimed that Brexit could be "hugely damaging" to English football.

Like them, there were several people who have come forward to deny Brexit's impact because the owners earn a huge amount of money from transfers and marketing of big names.

There is no denying the fact that a huge number of talent arrives from Europe, as top football talent lies in the mainland and major European teams belong in the top flight.

But it will give an opportunity for other continents which are working to encourage football.

English clubs might be able to scout more proactively in South America or Asia, where clubs from Spain and Germany currently get good value for money. 

It may also put more pressure on English clubs to develop and provide opportunities for academy talent, who come at a lower cost than recruited players, remember David Beckham belonged to the Manchester youth team, so did other England greats - Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen came from Liverpool FC Reserves and Academy, Wayne Rooney came from Everton Academy.

The fear of relegation and its financial consequences will always put pressure on Premier League clubs to spend, but extra options from the academy and new markets would help reduce the premium English clubs pay burden. 

Brexit will definitely affect English clubs but at the very least it will ultimately be a push factor for change. 

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