WION Edit: Wuhan crisis - Xi Jinping missing in action

DelhiWritten By: WIONUpdated: Feb 07, 2020, 09:05 PM IST

File photo: Chinese President Xi Jinping Photograph:(ANI)

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The Wuhan virus threatens to bug his carefully designed empire.

China describes Xi Jinping as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao, but that description is increasingly being contested by the outside world.

He faced a crisis in Hong Kong, millions took to the streets to protest against Beijing's meddling. On the trade front, the Chinese economy took a hit - because of tarrifs imposed by US President Donald Trump. 

In Taiwan, the people rejected pro-Beijing candidates, a pro-democracy candidate won big. Now, Xi Jinping is staring at another problem, this time - it's a global health emergency that originated in mainland China.

The Chinese President has now ruled China for over eight years, he is tipped to be President for life, he has removed term limits, but it won't be easy.

The anger of the people is growing, they are venting on social media. After the death of Dr Li Wenliang, there was an outpouring of criticism. He was the coronavirus whistleblower who faced police action for speaking about the virus. The people blamed the government for withholding information and downplaying the severity of the outbreak.

Had the government listened to this doctor and acted in time, the outbreak could have been contained.

This crisis led to an admission of guilt. It's unprecedented in the Chinese government to admit they did anything wrong.

But China's most powerful governing body said that there were 'shortcomings and difficulties' in its response to the outbreak. 

Xi Jinping knows its a mess which is why he's missing in action. He doesn't want to be the face of this failing response.

Xi Jinping might hide until it's all over, but he will certainly feel the political fallout it matters get out of hand. In fact, he could already be looking at the first casualty.

A report by news agency Reuters says that China might delay the annual meeting of Parliament. 

Club this situation with the slowdown in the Chinese economy, and the growing dissent - Xi Jinping's troubles could start to look a lot bigger.

He has spent 8 years trying to develop a highly centralised political system, so much so that he's called the chairman of all things.  

The Wuhan virus threatens to bug his carefully designed empire.

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