PM Narendra Modi led from the front in the fight against coronavirus crisis in India

Written By: Jyotika Teckchandani
Delhi Published: Apr 16, 2020, 12:35 PM(IST)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Photograph:( ANI )

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 Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India managed quite well to combat coronavirus crisis

It has been over three weeks since India declared nationwide lockdown to fight and prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic in India. 

The lockdown has been extended till May 3, 2020. It’s important to evaluate the effectiveness of the government response and policy towards this pandemic. 

When COVID 19 emerged in India in the first week of March, the global concern was that India will suffer a very high rate of death in view of its high-density population (1.3 billion people), with fewer resources, extreme poverty, and weak health system. It was believed that India will have devastating and far-reaching consequences. 

However, the same has been proved to be untrue.  Like many other nations, India also initially faced the dilemma of maintaining a balance between economy and health. However, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India managed quite well which is evident as its mortality rate is amongst the lowest in the world, considering the huge population in India. 

(In United States 6,41,919 cases, 28,399 deaths, Spain - 1,80,659 cases, 18,812 deaths, Italy - 1,65,155 cases, 21,645 deaths, France -  1,06,206 cases, 17,167 deaths, Germany - 1,34,753 cases, 3,804 deaths, United Kingdom - 98,476cases, 12,868deaths, China - 82,341cases 3,342 deaths, Iran - 76,389 cases, 4,777 deaths, Turkey - 69,392 cases, 1,518 deaths, India-11,933 and deaths-392) 

Even the World Health Organisation’s chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised India for its effort and policy to combat coronavirus spread. This relative success could become possible due to the following reasons: 

  • PM Modi is the first executive in the entire world to directly appeal to its own people to maintain social distancing. He has addressed the nation four times so far. In every address to the nation, he reassured the citizens that the governmental machinery is doing its best.
  • He succeeded in bringing national unity, solidarity and cooperation throughout the country to fight this pandemic. Citizens in every part of India supported his decisions of Janta curfew, appreciating the efforts of essential service providers ( doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, government officials, members of the armed forces and police, disaster management officials ) by clapping, lighting a candle or 'diya' during this period. He gave citizens a national purpose to unite. 
  • Though India did face the challenge of internal migrant labourers, but the governments, at both centre and state level, synchronised their policies and efforts to extend the much needed social security to its vulnerable population.  
  • Lastly, as the majority of Indians, today has full faith in the leadership of PM Modi, it becomes easy for the Indian government to implement its decision with the cooperation of people. 

Moreover, PM Modi’s role in dealing with the pandemic has been acknowledged internationally as well. India actively participated in the meetings of SAARC ( South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) and G-20( Group of 20 nations). India has exported critical drugs like hydroxychloroquine, paracetamol as well as azithromycin to several countries to aid the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic - starting from the United States in the west to Bangladesh in the east.

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Jyotika Teckchandani

Jyotika Teckchandani teaches at Amity Institute of Social Sciences, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh. Her expertise includes Gender, International Politics, Foreign Policy Analysis, Indian and West Asian Politics.

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