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Jyotika Teckchandani

Jyotika Teckchandani

Assistant Professor

Jyotika Teckchandani teaches at Amity Institute of Social Sciences, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh. Her expertise includes Gender, International Politics, Foreign Policy Analysis, Indian and West Asian Politics.

How does Gulf crisis affect India

India must come up with a strategy to cope with the emerging crisis in the Gulf which may affect the uninterrupted supply of the oil

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How India should address emerging challenges in the Gulf

India needs the USA and Israel to outset the influence of China-Pakistan axis

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Under PM Narendra Modi's leadership, India has earned significant status in global arena

Under PM Narendra Modi's India has achieved a new sense of dignity and status in the South Asian region.

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Algerian Spring: Will it change the Arab course?

The outrage among citizens is the result of increasing unemployment, inequality, precarious work conditions, inflation, deteriorating social and economic conditions

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2019 elections to be a game changer for women in Israeli politics?

The advocates for women are optimistic that in the upcoming elections, to be held on April 9, female representation will reach higher levels

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Women woes: Saudi Arabia continues to stifle dissent

In Saudi Arabia, women lives are governed by the guardianship or Wilaya system. Under this, a woman must have her male guardian's permission to rent an apartment, undergo elective medical…

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Women electorate to play an important role in Lok Sabha elections 2019

The government is known for its numerous women-centred policies. It's yet to be seen whether women electorate will continue to support PM Modi now as he remains a popular figure among Indian women…

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Bigger challenges lie ahead as UN completes 73 years

UN General Secretary António Guterres has admitted that the global institution is facing severe financial crisis and has appealed the member states to pay their dues.

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Opinion: Will the Modi government repeat 2014 victory in 2019?

PM Modi is being perceived as the most decisive leader our country has seen in the recent years.

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Opinion: The uncertain future of India-Pakistan relations

India is now faced with a very unpleasant regional scenario - Imran Khan with a history of  hobnobbing with fundamentalist cum terrorist forces on the one hand, and unpredictable Donald trump on…

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Opinion: India has to deal cautiously with emerging situation in Pakistan

India must show a flexible approach in dealing with Pakistan, including being open to the idea of opening channel of communication with Pakistan military.

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Opinion: Saudi Arabia's lifting of driving ban is not indication of real change

Women of the kingdom have been fighting for this right since 1990 when 47 women participated in the protest against the ban Read Article

Opinion: What India can do to calm Israeli-Palestine tensions

The visit  of Modi to Palestine has raised the prestige of India among Arab’s eyes and could have been emerged as a potential interlocutor between… Read Article

Opinion: PM Modi's visit to Palestine will be a step in right direction. This is why.

The Indian government is keenly aware of the Arab sensitivity on the question of Palestine and, therefore, Narendra Modi is successful in maintaining… Read Article

Saudi crown prince is not for women empowerment but image change

Citizen partnership and gender equality will help Saudi Arabia to develop as a modern country Read Article