Opinion | Can a government led by terrorists govern Afghanistan?

New DelhiWritten By: Major Amit Bansal (Retd)Updated: Sep 08, 2021, 06:36 PM IST

Taliban leaders who are in the Afghanistan government Photograph:(Others)

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It is indeed a question that will Taliban government full of terrorists with their fanatic religious views, hatred of modern intellectuals be able to given war-ravaged country like Afghanistan?

Afghanistan attained a unique status in the world yesterday (September 7). It is the only country in the world that is governed by UN-designated terrorists and yet able to get recognition of countries like China, Pakistan, and Qatar to name a few. A government that showcases suicide bombs and various other tools of terror in its victory parade is in power and the democracy is shedding tears of blood. It is pertinent to analyse Taliban in “The Graveyard of many Empires”, their office bearers, and their intentions to govern the country in the light of their past deeds. 

Ultra-fanatic regime

Taliban is not different from the fanatic Islamic rulers of early medieval times. They have already issued directives that entire administration of the country will be run as per fanatic Sharia law where all the human rights are non-existent & a patriarchal society governs the power centre. Judiciary becomes a puppet to the religious leaders, and anyone can be killed on the smallest doubt. Their interpretation of Islam is ultra-fanatic and is beyond any explanation.

During Taliban 1.0, we saw the atrocities where they castrated the serving president and hanged him from a lamp post after trying him in roadside kangaroo court. 

Now these courts will be all over Afghanistan and anyone who had been against Taliban in the past will be punished as per their version of Sharia law. Certainly, Afghanistan has gone ten centuries back. 

A government full of terrorists

Today Afghanistan has a government where the supreme leader, prime minister, deputy prime minister, home minister, defence minister and almost 70% of the cabinet are designated as terrorists with a total combined reward of over 35 million USD on their heads. Their home minister Sirajuddin Haqqani himself carries a bounty of 10 million USD alone. Information and Propaganda Minister Khairullah has been named as one of the most dangerous terrorists by FBI & several others have been involved in major terror activities worldwide.

It is a big question that will these terrorists be able to govern a country?  It is obvious that they will continue supporting terror activities worldwide even if they do not get involved themselves and it is a big challenge for the world. 

Rights of minorities, intellectuals, women & non-Taliban people

Taliban has already made it clear that the government will not be a democratic one and anyone who is a minority, women or not associated with Taliban will not be included in the government. 

As per their version of Sharia, any minority can be termed un-Islamic anytime and thus can be eliminated. Similarly, women are considered an object like a melon (As mentioned by one of their ministers) and are to be treated like an object. Anyone who is not associated with Taliban is considered their enemy.

Education has its own importance and It is a universal truth that a country grows by its talent & its intellectuals, but new Taliban education minister clearly said that there is no need for higher education for Afghanistan people because even all its leaders have been the students of seminaries and are governing the country. 

This clearly reflects that there will be no place for scientists, educationists, economists & various other experts in the new Afghanistan. During the Taliban rule, they will either be killed or migrate to some other country.

Drug Cartels

Prior to takeover of Afghanistan, almost 40% of the total income of Taliban used to come from Opium and other drug trade. Afghanistan is known to produce 85% of the heroin in the world. Now imagine a country where economists are killed, and treasury is empty. Government is spending huge budgets on arms and ammunition and there is no legitimate source of income.

In such situation, Taliban will surely take up drug trade as a national industry especially when they are in power now. In a country where government itself runs drug cartels, we can imagine the future of its progenies and neighbouring countries. 

Impact on Industrial Growth and development

Last 15 years when there was an inclusive government in Afghanistan have been a better period and many countries came forward to help Afghan people with various infrastructure projects, healthcare, Industrial projects, hygiene, sanitation, water supplies and education but with a government full of fanatics and terrorists, it is highly unlikely that any country will invest in Afghanistan now.

With over 82% of its population staying below poverty line and per capita GDP is below 1.5 USD per day, future is very much in dark. Although, some experts said that since Afghanistan has mineral wealth, countries like China may come and set up exploration projects but, in a country, where a suicide bomber can explode himself anywhere and even locals are not safe, security of external investment is going to be a challenge. During the new Taliban rule, all the progress in this regard is likely to be reversed. 

Taliban has come to power by force and are struggling to get legitimacy, but the million-dollar question is “Are they fit to govern a country?” or “Will they be able to provide better life to their citizens?” 

Seeing their composition and attitude, answer is a clear no. World is seeing that Afghanistan is slowly plunging into dark once again and it’s the people of the hill country who will be the sufferer now.

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