UAE Winter Weather Forecast: Dubai gets heavy rain, cloudy skies as temperatures begin to fall

Dubai, UAEEdited By: Heena SharmaUpdated: Dec 26, 2022, 04:49 PM IST
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Winter has arrived in Dubai for sure! It's raining heavily in Dubai and the skies are getting cloudier as the country welcomes winter. Check the weather forecast in parts of the UAE

To add to the Christmas cheer, parts of Dubai were hit by heavy rain, and further rains are predicted for the UAE on Monday. Residents in the UAE may expect cloudy skies all this week. The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) has previously issued a yellow warning suggesting clouds in the country's western regions.

The NCM's prediction for Monday is that the clouds will progressively rise across dispersed portions of the nation along with some convective clouds linked with rainfall. Al Barsha and Dubai Investments Park were affected by the rain. Dubai is likely to have further rain, and the nation as a whole will have cloudy skies into the evening. Parts of Abu Dhabi had rainfall earlier in the day, including the Al Dhafra and Ghantoot region.

Moreover, the clouds will dominate until Friday, with rain expected on Tuesday and Wednesday. A prior weather alert stated that the UAE is anticipated to be impacted by an air depression and that rain, thunder, and lightning are predicted in certain areas of the country.

Along with your umbrellas, it's time to take out your sweaters, as the NCM predicted that temperatures will drop significantly across the nation. Maximum temperatures in the country's coastal regions will range from 22 to 26 °C. Internal areas will have temperatures of 24–28 °C, while alpine areas will experience 20–15 °C.


Humidity at its peak is predicted to be 85%. It's anticipated that winds will frequently blow between 20 and 30 km/h, occasionally gusting to 45 km/h.


As the amount of cloud activity rises, the winds are anticipated to grow stronger, and the sea is anticipated to occasionally be choppy.