Watch the COVID19 Health Summit on WION

WION Web Team NEW DELHI Jul 31, 2020, 07.32 AM(IST)

Covid-19 Health Summit Photograph:( WION )

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Global Experts answer the big questions about the coronavirus.

Coronavirus. A fast-moving pathogen that has infected millions worldwide and left more than 600,000 dead.

How can the contagion that has brought the world to a standstill, be stopped? How close are we to a vaccine? What is the impact on mental health? Could the crisis be an opportunity for India’s pharmaceutical industry?

The Covid-19 Health Summit will bring the top global experts from the international healthcare fraternity to explore the impact, challenges and solutions to the coronavirus on one platform – WION.

The Summit will air on WION on Friday 31st July from 3:30 pm IST and will be available on its website, social media and YouTube channel as well.