Rahul's idea to hold internal elections in frontal organisation was opposed from within: Priyanka

WION Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India Mar 29, 2019, 07.38 PM(IST) Written By: Kartikeya Sharma

File photo of Priyanka Gandhi. Photograph:( Reuters )

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Priyanka Gandhi also spoke on the issue of Congress manifesto and said that people do not take manifestos very seriously

In a one-to-one conversation with students in Ayodhya, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi revealed a lot about her personal life which continues to be hidden from the media and public. 

The convention allowed students to ask random question to Priyanka. On being asked whether she knows how to cook, Priyanka replied that she is a good cook and that she has been cooking from the age of 15. She told the students that she had learned Italian cooking from her grandmother and that she is good at cooking both Indian and Thai food.

Priyanka also answered questions on gender and reforms. She said: "I often tell my daughter to dress properly keeping in mind the law and order of the city, my daughter often shoots back says that tell me what to wear.” 

She said that what makes her happy was that her daughter’s response accrues from feminist values she has inculcated in her. Priyanka Gandhi also spoke on the issue of Romeo squads which have become a tool to harass young couples in the state. 

She said, "I’m totally against Romeo squads and it cannot be allowed.” Priyanka Gandhi also spoke on the failed experiment of Congress president Rahul Gandhi to introduce internal elections in the frontal organization. 

“Rahul’s idea was transformative. The intention was to open doors to young people who come from different backgrounds, but many people opposed this transformative process and did not allow the new process to function. They were afraid of change,” said Priyanka. 

This is the first time Priyanka Gandhi has spoken on the issue of internal elections in the frontal organisations of the Congress. The fact that she accepted a section of leadership derailed the process shows that she was on the same page as Rahul Gandhi on the idea.

Priyanka Gandhi also spoke on the issue of Congress manifesto and said that people do not take manifestos very seriously whereas it is the most important document of the electoral process. 

Priyanka Gandhi also attacked Union Minister Nitin Gadkari for his comment on NYAY and its financial viability. 

She said, "Nitin Gadkari should answer as to where the government got the money to wave off debt of the business community. She was equally aggressive on the question of equating Gandhi’s with royalty. 

She retorted saying that it was her family which did away with Privy Purse in 1970s. Privy Purse was money provided to states till 1971 for maintenance of their respective estates. It was part of the amalgamation process after India gained independence. Indira Gandhi had abolished the purse as the money was being paid from the Indian exchequer. 

The Congress general secretary from eastern Uttar Pradesh attacked Prime Minister Modi's statement that Pakistan will celebrate if Congress wins. She said, "Biryani khane to PM gaye the."(PM had gone to eat biryani in Pakistan). 

Priyanka Gandhi’s tour concluded on Friday evening with a visit to Hanumangarhi.