Sexual harassment at workplace part of 'growing up', says O&M India managing partner Chandana Agarwal

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Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Oct 21, 2017, 04:40 AM IST

Chandana Agarwal, managing partner, O&M Photograph:(Facebook)

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In the post, Agarwal expressed ?many issues? with the ?Me Too? campaign ?at many levels.?

Ogilvy & Mather India managing partner Chandana Agarwal comments belittling the “Me Too” social media campaign by claiming that certain types of sexual harassment as “part of growing up” has drawn flak from Twitterati. 

The Vagabomb reported that when the Ogilvy employee shared the status, she “requested anonymity and feared for her safety.”

In the post, Agarwal expressed “many issues” with the “Me Too” campaign “at many levels.”

She went on to claim the issue should not be about things “like someone grabbing at you or pinching you" and that “there are some experiences that are just part of growing up especially in India.”

She added that “there are some experiences that are part of growing up anywhere in the world” and suggests that these include “a boss/ a colleague/ a teacher trying to act fresh” and that “this is not about that.”

Agarwal concludes by saying the conversation should be about more "traumatic experiences of abuse" than the ones being currently suggested and that,“by making it so general we are being unfair to those who have been scarred with such experiences", ending with the hashtag, “#notme.”


Harnidh Kaur shared the screenshot on Facebook and explained: “This screenshot was sent to me by a current employee who chose to stay anonymous (for obvious reasons), who very rightly pointed out that this made her feel actively unsafe at work. Calling out women who propagate a toxic ability when they have the power to change things for the better is as important as calling men out.”