Marriage stability highest among Indian Americans in US, new report reveals

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Mar 22, 2021, 02:50 PM IST
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India was followed by Bangladesh at 90 per cent, Pakistan at 87 per cent, Taiwan with 86 per cent

A recently published report suggests that immigrant families are more stable than native-born American families, with Indian American families leading in terms of marriage stability. The report was published by the Institute of Family Studies (IFS), which aims to promote values of marriage and family.

Based on census data, the think tank ascertained that 72 per cent immigrants with children continue to be stable in their first marriage. Among native Americans, 60 per cent stayed in their first marriage.

IFS’ Director of Research Wendy Wang said immigrants generally have higher marriage rates and lower rates of divorce when compared to native Americans. The report added that for every 1,000 unmarried immigrants aged between 18-64 in 2019, at least 59 got married. Among native-born Americans, the number stood at 39.

Divorce rates are relatively higher among native-born Americans compared to immigrants. “Only 13 out of 1000 married immigrants ages 18-64 got a divorce in 2019, compared with 20 out of 1000 among native-born Americans of same age,” the report claims.

Even among immigrants, the numbers vary. Indian Americans came on top in terms of family stability. Based on a survey conducted in 2019 among Americans, the think tank found that 94 per cent of Indian immigrants are in stable marriages.

Only 4 per cent Indian Americans remarried, while 2 per cent with children remain unmarried.

India was followed by Bangladesh at 90 per cent, Pakistan at 87 per cent, Taiwan with 86 per cent, Korea - 85 per cent, and China with 84 per cent. Japan too ranked with 53 per cent, suggesting that Asian families in the US have relatively stabler marriages.