In hating me, the opposition has begun to hate the nation: PM Modi

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Feb 07, 2019, 06.31 PM(IST)

Modi in Parliament on Thursday. Photograph:( ANI )

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'You want to know what is my crime for them?' Modi asked. 'That a person born in a poor family is challenging their 'sultanate'.' Modi was speaking in the Lok Sabha in his Motion of Thanks for the President's speech. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress again and again in the Lok Sabha on Thursday — Modi was replying to the motion of thanks on the President's address — so much so that by the end of it, he seemed to talk more about the Congress and less about his own government. 

Anything he said seemed to be juxtaposed against the previous Congress regime

"Our friends in the Congress see things in two time periods. BC, which is 'Before Congress', when nothing happened and the other is AD —'After Dynasty' — where everything happened," Modi said. 

"You want to know what is my crime for them?" he asked. "That a person born in a poor family is challenging their 'sultanate'. In 55 years of their rule, sanitation coverage was around 38% and in our 55 months, it is nearly 98%." 

"In hating Modi, the Opposition has begun to hate the nation," he added. "That is why their leaders go to London and do press conferences to show India in bad light."

He brought up the charge against him that he is guilty of destroying institutions, again saying that it was the Congress and not him that was guilty. 

"Congress insults Army, calls the Army chief a 'Gunda' but it is Modi who is destroying institutions? Congress leaders create stories that Indian Army is planning a coup but it is Modi who is destroying institutions?" he said.  

"In 1959, Congress Central Govt dismissed the Communist Govt in Kerala, 60 years now, hope my friends from Kerala remember. So, what sanctity? What respect of institutions?"




He spoke of the economy, again comparing the current size of India's economy to its breadth under the Congress. "In last 4 1/2 years India became 6th largest economy from the 10-11th largest. When we reached 11th position then people, who cannot even be seen in opposition now, praised themselves.They felt proud on reaching 11th, why are they saddened when we have reached 6th?"

He mentioned the 2010 Commonwealth Games, but again using it to accuse the Congress of corruption. "In 2010 Commonwealth games, on one hand, our athletes were working hard to win medals for the country, while these people(Congress) were accumulating wealth for themselves."

He talked of gas connections, and yet again compared their number now to their number under the Congress. "Gas connections in their 55 years of rule were 12 crore, it is 13 crore in our 55 months. We have worked at much faster speed in our five years." 

"See your(Congress) manifestos of 2004, 2009 and 2014. In all the manifestos you have promised that within three years, every house will have electricity. I am amazed at this," he added. 

And on and on it went. He accused the Congress of not wanting a strong Indian Air Force. 

"In our neighbourhood, everyone is building war capabilities, why didn't we do it in all these years? This is criminal negligence. Congress doesn't want a strong Indian Air Force," he said. 

"Congress doesn't want our air force to be strong. I am levelling a serious allegation here. You want this Rafale deal to be cancelled, on whose behest? For which company?" he added. 

He said that Ambedkar had said it would be suicidal to join the Congress, and that Gandhi had recommended the dissolution of the Congress. So when he was calling for a "Congress-mukt Bharat", he was only trying to fulfil Gandhi's wish. 

Inflation and Congress, Modi said, have a strong bond. 


Modi also broached the topic of rising unemployment in the country. 

"In the last four years, 6.35 lakh new professionals have come up. You think if a doctor opens a clinic or a nursing home then he will employ only one person? Or does a CA only employ one person?" he asked. "No," he answered.