From world's biggest igloo cafe to Taj Mahal: Gulmarg offering new 'icy' surprises to tourists

Written By: Idrees Lone WION
Srinagar, India Updated: Feb 14, 2022, 04:22 PM(IST)

In this combination of images, the world's biggest igloo cafe can be seen along with a Taj Mahal made out of snow in Gulmarg Photograph:( WION )

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Gulmarg has had more tourist inflow after these structures were made

Gulmarg, the world-famous ski resort is coming up with new surprises every week for the tourists visiting. An Igloo Cafe and Taj Mahal made of snow have become the most visited sites in the last few days. People are mesmerised to have a cup of coffee inside a cafe made completely of snow. The table, chairs, and everything in this Igloo Cafe is made of snow. 

The makers of the Igloo Cafe claim it to be the biggest Igloo in the world. They have contacted the Guinness book of world records to get this listed as the biggest Igloo made. The makers took 64 days to build this cafe while 1700-man days of work were used in two shifts. The height of the Igloo is 37.5 feet while the diameter of the Igloo is 44.5 feet. Long ice bricks were used to build the structure with a cost of 1.2 million rupees. 

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''I have a passion for creativity and that's why I thought I should create something unique. Something which would get famous and that's how I got inspired and built the world's biggest igloo. The height of the igloo is 37.5 feet, and it has a diameter of 44.5 feet. We have already applied to the Guinness World Record, and their team will visit and they will certify it. We started the construction with the first snowfall in Gulmarg. We built this igloo in 64 days and 1700 man-day workers worked in two shifts. 7000 ice blocks were used to construct the structure. It would last till March 15. '' Waseem Shah, Owner of Igloo Cafe. 

Gulmarg has had more tourist inflow after these structures were made. The Igloo Cafe has become an instant hit with the tourists and it's all over the social network. The Igloo has two parts, one has especially been kept for people to take pictures and the other side has 10 tables which can seat up to 40 people at a time. Tourists say that they have always seen Igloo's in foreign countries but it's for the first time they are seeing an igloo cafe in India. 

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''Absolutely it's a different experience, India coming up with new ideas and restaurants like these is a new era because it attracts a lot of tourists and we come from Karnataka are enjoying it to the fullest. We don't get to experience all of this and coming here is amazing. The coffee here is great. It's like a thrilling experience and now people have more reasons to come to Gulmarg. said Spurti, a tourist. 

The tourists say that they have more reasons to come to Gulmarg now. Sipping a cup of coffee inside this Igloo Cafe is an experience to cherish for the rest of their lives. 

''I come from Mumbai and it's humid and hot there. We mostly have beachside cafes, but this is a different experience for us. It's a totally out-of-the-world experience. Everything in this cafe is made of snow from the roof to tables.  it's a great experience. I never expected that I would be able to have a cup of coffee inside an igloo cafe in India. '' said Harshad, a tourist. 

The igloos are only seen in a few countries of the world and are mostly built where there is ample snow and temperatures are sub-zero. Countries like Finland, Greenland, and Switzerland are famous for Igloos. And now India is also counted among those countries. 

The Ice Taj Mahal is also getting a lot of attention and visitors to witness these beautiful ice structures. This will further push tourism in the Valley. 


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