Ranveer Singh to host Holi party for Pharrell Williams today and it will be live streamed!

WION Web Team
Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaUpdated: Mar 02, 2018, 09:37 AM IST

Ranveer Singh and Pharrell Williams. Photograph:(Twitter)

Trust Ranveer Singh to go a notch higher than everyone else when it comes to making news for his quirky ways. The bold actor who never shies from going over the top when it comes to his choice of clothes or his manner of conduct as a public figure -- is now set to make the international icon and singer Pharrell Williams witness the biggest ever Holi party. 

What seemed like a rumour at first is now confirmed as Ranveer Singh shared details of the much-awaited Holi party with an Instagram post. 

He shared a photo which reads: 'Join Pharrell in India. Streaming live from the Holi festival hosted by Ranveer Singh'. The post goes on to reveal that the party will take place on March 2, 2018, starting from 6 pm and the best part if you have noticed, is that it be live for all of us to watch!

If you're wondering what makes Pharrell visit India at this time, according to a report published in a leading daily, a source said: “Pharrell is coming down to India to launch his new clothing line that is inspired by the festival of colours, Holi. And since Ranveer is also the brand ambassador of the same brand, they thought why not get the biggest young face of Bollywood to host one of the biggest singing sensations of the world. It’s a genius idea to get Ranveer and Pharrell play Holi together. The event is on March 2nd and as you can imagine, things will go berserk."

The report adds: “The organisers are set to utilise their strong social media presence during the event to popularise the Holi party and make it a blockbuster success."