COP26: Major takeaways from PM Modi's speech at the climate summit

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New Delhi, IndiaUpdated: Nov 02, 2021, 12:43 AM IST

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi Photograph:(AFP)

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Modi, who delivered a historic speech, focused on many important issues, including the need for developed nations to fulfil their USD 1 trillion pledge for climate finance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while speaking at COP26 said that "it would be appropriate justice to create pressure on nations that don't meet their own promises of climate finance."

India's prime minister said that the country is working very hard to tackle climate change-related issues.

India's PM stated that environmentally conscious lifestyle choices can play a crucial role in combatting climate change. He urged  'Lifestyle for Environment' should become a global initiative.

PM Modi focused on many important issues, including the need for developed nations to fulfil their $1 trillion pledge for climate finance, saying it should be tracked the same way as climate mitigation.

Here are the top eight takeaways from the Indian PM's COP26 speech: 

1. PM introduces a new mantra for sustainable development; LIFE or Lifestyle for Environment:
Prime Minister Modi's mantra, 'Lifestyle For Environment', is shaped by Indian cultural heritage. Mahatma Gandhi's teachings and his own life to ensure peaceful existence with nature. The mantra calls for mindful and deliberate utilisation rather than mindless and destructive consumption. 

2. The importance of climate finance and technology transfer:

PM Modi's message to developed countries was that just as India has raised its ambitions in setting goals, so too must they do the same in climate finance and tech transfer. He noted that the world cannot meet newer climate finance targets with old goals. He emphasised that developed nations must fulfil their earlier commitments.

 "India expects developed countries to make $1 trillion available as climate finance as soon as possible. As we track the progress of climate mitigation, we must also track climate finance. Justice would truly be served if pressure is put on those countries that have not lived up to their climate finance commitments," he said.

3. India's commitment towards achieving net-zero energy by 2070

"By 2070, India will achieve the target of net-zero emissions," PM Modi told leaders at COP26.

4. India raises its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) pledge:

India pledged to achieve 450 GW installed capacity by 2030 through non-fossil fuel sources. India has also pledged to meet 50 per cent of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2030.

5. India's contribution to climate change mitigation exceeds its emissions:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India, which accounts for 17 per cent of the global population, is responsible for only about 5 per cent of total emissions.

6. Reducing carbon emissions and intensity:

The PM announced that India would reduce its carbon emissions by 1 billion tonnes by 2030. In addition, India would cut carbon intensity in its economy by 45 per cent.

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7. India does more than just commit; it also acts:

"Today, the entire world admits that India is the only major economy which has delivered on the Paris agreement in letter and spirit," PM Modi told world leaders at COP26.

8. Multi-faceted initiatives in India to mitigate climate change:

Prime Minister Modi spoke about the new India's climate change efforts. From the world's largest railway carrier attempting to become net-zero by 2030 to saving 40 billion tonnes of carbon emissions through LEDs, India is putting climate change at the forefront of its policies.

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