China constructing 36 Km road for direct access to LoC near Siachen: Report

WION Web Team
New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Mar 25, 2018, 05:17 PM(IST)


In a new construction activity by China that could be seen as a provocation to India, China is constructing a new road near Line of Control area news Siachen says a defence ministry report accessed by Zee News.

Made from the northern bank of Shaksgam valley, the new road will give directed access to Line of control area near Siachen to the Chinese army.

Construction activities of a military post in Shaksgam valley were also reported.

According to report the initial stretch of the road will approximately be 21.3 km is completed with paved surface of 7-meter width.

The remaining 14.5 km of the road is still under construction.

The earlier detection of these activities is based on Google Earth Images where two new posts and five construction camps are seen astride a new road construction in Shaksgam Valley.

A total of two posts have been found from which post 1 is near the tri-junction of Pakistan occupied Kashmir, China and Shaksgam Valley boundaries at the river confluence of Oprang River and Shaksgam river.

Post 2  is located astride the new road approximately 20.5 km from the Post -1. It comprises a long building and a Watch Tower.

Sources say that the possible motive of such construction is to use this to take a step towards gaining claim over the sovereignty of Shaksgam Valley in future.

In view of China tacit support to Pakistan claim of Siachen up to the line of Karakoram Pass.

The Military implication of the activities in Shaksgam Valley with regard to Siachen Glacier cannot be ruled out as the Skasgam Valley runs along the northern watershed of 
the Karakoram Range which gives Chinese Army the access to Line of Control near Siachen.

Shaksgam Valley is part of Pakistan occupied Kashmir and it borders with Xinjiang province of China, as well as with the Siachen Glacier. 

The valley was given by Pakistan to China in 1963 when they signed a boundary settlement agreement. 

However, India does not recognise this agreement and considers the valley to be a part of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

(Reported by Manish Shukla)

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