BJP will include Citizenship Amendment Bill in its 2019 poll manifesto: Amit Shah

Guwahati, Assam, India Updated: Feb 17, 2019, 07:30 PM(IST)

Amit Shah. Photograph:( ANI )

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Shah said, 'Assam cannot prosper without Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). We passed it in the Lok Sabha but the Centre failed to table it in the Rajya Sabha.'

BJP president Amit Shah on Sunday said, his party will include Citizenship Amendment Bill in its 2019 general elections' manifesto.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill provides Indian citizenship to non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Addressing a public gathering at Assam BJP State office in Guwahati, Shah said, "Assam cannot prosper without Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). We passed it in the Lok Sabha but the Centre failed to table it in the Rajya Sabha. The CAB will be added in our manifesto of the Lok Sabha elections and we are committed to take the Bill to the far reaches of Assam."

The BJP chief further took a dig at Congress president Rahul Gandhi and said, "The BJP is a not regional party, it's a party based on ideology, spreading its wings from Kamrup to Kutch and Kashmir to Kanyakumari. The party follows the Constitution and maintains democracy. There are parties which gradually became parties of families. And even if the son (Rahul Gandhi) of the party leader is brainless, he has to join politics and become a president of that party. Now, he even wants to become the Prime Minister."

"Parties without internal democracy cannot strengthen democracy of the nation. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, the future name in this row is still left," Shah added.

Comparing the BJP with the Congress party, Shah asserted, "Internal democracy is quite strong in the BJP because elections are held periodically for all internal positions. The BJP is not the party of any family, it’s a party of karyakartas."

"The Northeast contribution was 20 per cent after independence but it came to 2.3 under the rule of Congress. It was Prime Minister Narendra Modi under whose leadership, Northeast was given special credit and all the sectors starting from roads, railways and education sector, the state witnessed immense development. We brought Ayushman Bharat scheme, provided free electricity, gas connections and toilets to crores of people across the country. Most importantly, we provided security and peace to the Northeast region."

"Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, people in Northeast are living in peace without fear of any bomb blast or terror attack," he added.

Praising the efforts of BJP Karyakartas in Northeast, Shah said, "BJP karyakartas are working day and night to see more development in Assam. We brought NRC (National Register of Citizens) and soon we have also formed a committee for Schedule 6, which will be implemented by the next Modi government."

Earlier in the day, Shah also addressed a public rally at Lakhimpur in Assam, where he said, “We will not allow Assam to become another Kashmir. That is why we have brought NRC. We will deport each and every infiltrator with the help of NRC. We are committed to that.”

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