Malaika Arora on dating Arjun Kapoor: Whatever is out there is out there, so let's not give it any tags 

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Mar 23, 2019, 03.20 PM(IST) Written By: Zeba Khan

Malaika Arora. Photograph:( WION Web Team )

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In conversation with WION at an event held in New Delhi, Malaika opened up about her fantasies, relationship with rumoured boyfriend Arjun Kapoor and reinventing herself as Malaika 2.0.

The third-edition of Chivas 18 Alchemy took place in New Delhi over the weekend as maestros from the world of fashion, art and design came together to celebrate an evening dedicated to elegance and style and at the heart of it all --’The Sixth Sense’. Fashion designers Manish Malhotra and Rahul Mishra, actor Malaika Arora, artist Sudarshan Shetty and jeweller Siddharth Kasliwal curated their own interpretation of the sixth sense for the night.

Dressed in a pearl-white three-piece suit with dramatic cleavage and sparkling jewellery, model-actor and now also an entrepreneur, Malaika Arora came to the event as an alchemist who chose ‘fantasy’ as her sixth sense of choice -- in the form of shifting and immersive, honeycombed kaleidoscopic world of the real and imagined. 

In conversation with WION at the event, Malaika spoke about her personal and professional fantasies, reinventing herself as Malaika 2.0 and her relationship with rumoured boyfriend Arjun Kapoor. 

Tell us about your association with Chivas 18 Alchemy

I am collaborating with different people from different professions, from different walks of life for this event. I think they have always had an interesting lineup of people, all these years. I am happy to be the only woman in the lot this time. 

What was the inspiration behind your installation?

It’s fun, I am here to present fantasy because that’s something that I really relate to. I think we all have a certain fantasy that we all relate to or we all want to live out or play out and I think that’s pretty much the same feeling you get every time you breathe, you enjoy a bottle of Chivas 18. I am really glad to show you fantasy.

How do you define fantasy for yourself?

Fantasy for me is ever changing. It is my deepest, darkest thoughts that I am able to actually project visually. It keeps changing taking a different form. Everybody should have a sense of fantasy. If you have that, only then will you be able to realise that and live it. 

When I say fantasy, it could be travel, could be food, meeting people. So it can be various things at various times. So if I could live out any of those visual fantasies of mine, then I think I’m doing something right. 


Dancer, model, entrepreneur; which role do you most connect to?

All of them have been fantasies -- fantasy of whether I wanted to dance on the big screen or whether I wanted to be part of a certain shoot, I wanted to be wearing a certain kind of clothing, they all have been certain fantasies of mine growing up and here I get to live each one of those fantasies of mine. 

I wouldn’t be doing or had done it if I didn’t connect with it or it didn’t resonate with me. If I felt in any way that it wasn’t part of my personality then I would never have. Whatever I have done, I have done it because I thoroughly enjoy each bit of it. 

Any future film that we will see you in?

Films are not something that I think of actively because most of the films that I do, it’s always been songs that I have been a part of. That’s something that I really enjoy., As and when there’s something great and fun that I enjoy, want to be a part of, I take it on. I think there’s so much in today’s day and age apart from films, whether it's on the online space or television, there’s so much happening. I am really glad that I can be a part of; I am in that age, as a woman I feel that I can do so much, I can be a part of so many mediums. It’s fantastic. I think in today’s day and age, it’s great to be a woman. 

There’s nothing in the pipeline but there’s always something that keeps coming up. If it interests me, if I feel that I have to be a part of, I will just be. 

What’s keeping you busy at the moment?

Right now I am really enjoying and I have said this as an entrepreneur, it’s a part of me that I have tapped into. I am really loving every bit of it. Be it my clothing label, The Label Life, whether it’s my yoga studio, or whether I want to now further branch out into food. I am exploring a different part of me. I feel its Malaika 2.0. That’s how I look at it and I feel as you grow up, as you experience life, you see things, you want to do something different, just to add a new feather to your resume, to your hat.

Your fashion tips for those looking forward to you as a role model

Fashion is very personal. What I like you may not like, what you wear somebody else may not like. It’s a very personal choice. At the end of the day, more important is to have the right attitude. You could be wearing the most expensive outfit and still, it would do nothing for you. You could be wearing something which you just pick up at some flea market but you just work it so well. It doesn’t really matter how much it costs, what matters is how you put it together, your attitude. It’s very important for everybody to have a different, a slight twist to what you wear. You should just have fun, that is what will show in your style eventually. 

Are you dating Arjun Kapoor?

When there’s something to talk about, I will definitely talk about it. Whatever is out there, I think is out there. So let's not give it any tags.