Effective skincare tools you must have in your kit

Delhi, IndiaWritten By: Kirtika KatiraUpdated: Sep 02, 2022, 07:04 PM IST
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Be it for sculpting, anti-ageing or firming, several people use skincare tools to maintain their youth, add glow and flaunt flawless skin. Rollers, gua shas, and facial ice globes are some of the most effective tools being used by skincare fanatics these days. Learn how to add them to your skincare routine through this beauty guide.

No matter how many skincare products you line up on your shelf, you cannot fix all of your beauty issues without some skincare tools. And, lucky for us, several new beauty tools like jade rollers, gua shas, and sculptors have arrived on the market for skincare fanatics who love to try out new and innovative things. 

As soon as you enter your 20s, you must start taking extra care of your skin since it needs more nourishment, hydration, and vital vitamins as we age. Though it is impossible to hide ageing signs and other skin issues, we can reduce its appearance and delay its arrival with the right prevention tips, products and tools.

Don't ever forget to give your skin the love and care it deserves. Learn how to pamper your face with this guide. Here're some essential skincare tools that are must-haves for 2022.

Jade rollers

Jade rollers, which are available in several nonporous materials like jade, quartz and amethyst, are used to gently massage the skin and stimulate the lymph nodes that help drain fluids and toxins out of the face. It temporarily reduces puffiness, stimulates circulation, and makes skin appear brighter and firmer.

Gua shas

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese smooth-edged skincare tool that is used to relieve tension in the face, reduce puffiness and inflammation. It also helps reduce sinus pressure. They are available in different types of stones. With facial oil, you can glide this tool on your face in an upwards direction to sculpt your face and reduce ageing signs. They have several beauty benefits and are deeply loved by influencers and celebs. 

Sculpting bar

If you are looking for a tool that helps tighten skin and reduce fine lines or wrinkles, try out the sculpting bar which is easily available online and in stores. It is a T-shaped tool with a gold bar handle and a straight thin bar at the top. It lifts the skin and gives a filler effect. 

Ice globes

If you want to do cold facials at home, get yourself an ice globe. It is a great treatment for puffy eyes and skin. It stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the skin.

Facial steamer

Regular facial steams, incorporated with facials and skincare routines, can treat a number of skin issues. From acne to enlarged pores, a facial steamer is used to fix a number of beauty problems. So, don't think twice before investing in a facial steamer.