'Home Stories' Review: Based on the coronavirus pandemic, these lockdown tales will surely give you a deja vu

New Delhi, Delhi, India Written By: Stuti ShuklaUpdated: Jun 13, 2020, 03:20 PM IST


Story highlights

Netflix India's, 'Home Stories' is a collection of four short films that give us a glimpse of the few complications that have arisen due to the lockdown. 

Masks, sanitizers, gloves- little did we think, a year ago, that purchasing these simple items would become the most important thing in our 2020 to-do-lists. At this very second, the coronavirus has confined all of us everywhere, within the four walls of our homes. 

Netflix India's, 'Home Stories' is a collection of four short films that give us a glimpse of the few complications that have arisen due to the lockdown. Full points on relatability here, as there are high chances that one of them might be your story or of someone close. This is also the first time we will be seeing narratives based on this year's coronavirus outbreak in Indian cinema. 

Directed by four filmmakers- Sahirr Sethi, Anubhuti Kashyap, Tanvi Gandhi and Ashwin Laxmi Narayan, these short films have been written, shot and produced during the lockdown. Is there anything left which we Indians have not been able to accomplish in a work from home scenario? The viewers also get to see a behind-the-scenes towards the end of the anthology.

The first film titled 'Out With It', stars 'Made in Heaven' actor Arjun Mathur and dwells on the theme of mental health during the pandemic. The protagonist, Angad experiences anxiety and stress every time he decides to step outside the door. It's so extreme, that even to pick up the carton of eggs, he stops his breath first or tries to drag it with a long stick. In the midst of this, there is an anonymous voice that encourages him to step out, socialise and reunite with his friends and family. But, everyday Angad puts on his clothes, repeats "I will go out today," but ultimately sticks to his daily plan of staying under house arrest. It's ironic that when he finally gets the courage to step into the outside world, the country itself comes under lockdown. The whole film is carried by this one actor, who with very few dialogues, manages to speak volumes through his expressions.

'Will You Be My Quarantine?' is the second film and revolves around a couple that is forced to live under lockdown together. Vaishnavi (Saba Azad) and Rehaan's (Imaad Shah) one-night stand gets converted to a 3 weeks standoff after the Prime Minister's announcement of a nationwide lockdown. Irritated and frustrated with each other, they initially start off by playing a game of cat and mouse. But, over the course of a few days or actually arguments they develop a soft corner for each other. While Vaishnavi helps out by giving Rehaan her laptop during a work crisis, Rehaan plans her an impromptu birthday party. This unlikely duo, make the best of the situation and ultimately become good friends. We also get to see a small cameo by Little Things actors Mithila Palkar and Dhruv Sehgal.  

This unlikely duo, make the best of the situation and ultimately become good friends

'Delivering Smiles' was the most heartwarming story in this anthology. It tries to convey an important message of being empathetic towards delivery executives. This is the story of Prakash (Tanmay Dhanania) who records his entire day as he goes around the city doing his daily job in the middle of the lockdown. While we sit safely in our houses, the delivery executives make sure we get all our necessities and cravings by risking their own lives. The short film shows the kind of customers a delivery guy like Prakash would meet during the coronavirus lockdown. From an over paranoid customer who treats the delivery executive with disrespect to an old lady who offers him a glass of water, Prakash meets a variety of people. His optimism is a force to reckon with, as whatever life throws at him, he simply smiles and says "have a good day, have a good life!" Tanmay Dhanania's acting is on point and he fits into the character of Prakash effortlessly.

'Delivering Smiles' was the most heartwarming story in this anthology.

'Web Ne Bana Di Jodi' shows the journey of Ashu (Veer Rajwant Singh) and Jia (Apoorva Arora), who had to settle for an online Shaadi. After a disastrous Haldi ceremony conducted on a video call, Jia receives flak from her father, who always envisioned a grand wedding for his daughter. He even threatens not to attend the rest of the ceremonies. However, the couple's positive attitude and love for each other prevails as they not only conduct a 'viral' sangeet, but are also able to persuade Jia's father to attend the wedding. If you or any of your close ones are set to be married during the lockdown, watch this film for an idea of what a roller coaster ride it will be!

From predicting if the Prime Minister will end the lockdown in the next speech to the time when we were told to go on balconies and bang utensils to show our support to corona warriors, these memorable moments have been captured well through these films. You will get a sense of deja vu for sure! All four films have an interesting storyline, and each portrays their themes beautifully.

So till we finally get rid of corona and reclaim the outdoors once again, watch 'Home Stories' to get a flashback on what these previous months have been like for all of us. Until then, stay indoors, stay safe!