Britney Spears to appear in court for conservatorship case: How it all started; a timeline of events

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New Delhi Published: Jun 23, 2021, 08:14 PM(IST)

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Ahead of Britney Spears' hearing in court, a look at a timeline of her conservatorship case. 

Pop star Britney Spears will be making a rare appearance on court on Wednesday in a hearing for conservatorship case. 
The singer, who will make an appearance virtually for hearing, has been under conservatorship since 2008. Her father Jamie Spears was made her conservator by the court which allowed him to take all decisions regarding Spears life. 

Over the years, fans of the singer were convinced that Britney was sending signals of help and started the 'Free Britney' movement which gained momentum last year. 

Ahead of the singer's hearing in court, a look at a timeline of her conservatorship case. 

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Late 2000s

The singer's erratic behaviour and public meltdown drew attention of the media with most wondering if she was mentally unwell. 
The singer was spotted driving her car with her infant son in her lap on one occasion while another time she publicly shaved her head in public and attacked a paparazzi's car with a baseball bat.

The star also took several trips to rehab and was hospitalised for mental illness twice. Eventually she lost custody of her two kids to husband, Kevin Federline. 


After Britney's second psychiatric hold, her father Jamie Spears petitioned to the Los Angeles County Superior Court for an emergency "temporary conservatorship" over his daughter. Spears senior was declared as his daughter's conservator by the court which gave him complete control over Britney's estate and her well-being along with co-conservator Andrew Wallet who handled her money. 

Britney's father also got control over her life, and had the rights to restrict who she meets, her business deals and what she even eats.
By the end of 2008, Jamie was made her permanent conservator. 


The movement that has now become the #FreeBritney movement, saw its origin a year after Jamie took control of Britney's life and estate.

A website by the name started in 2009 which questioned the court's order with fans questioning the importance of legal guardianship for their favourite star. 

Since then, the cause has gained a massive amount of followers and protests are frequently held outside of courthouses during hearings regarding the case.


Britney remained active in the music scene despite being under conservatorship for over 10 years without speaking much about it.
In early 2019, Spears canceled her upcoming Vegas residency and announced "an indefinite work hiatus," due to her father's poor health.

In March, Wallet stepped down as co-conservator and suggested the court accept his resignation Without citing a proper reason, Wallet simply stated to the court that Britney would "substantial detriment, irreparable harm and immediate danger" if he didn’t step down, media reported. 

Soon after Wallet's exit, the singer checked into a mental health facility for a month long stay. 

Late 2019

The same Jamie stepped out down temporarily from his role as a conservator and a judge approved the singer’s longtime "care-manager" Jodi Montgomery to take over the role.

Jamie's decision, according to reports, came after an altercation with Britney's son. Although in court he stated bad health as the reason for taking time off. 


#FreeBritney movement gained momentum as fans rallied for the singer and argued on social media that the singer was sending signals asking for help through her various social media posts. 

Britney Spears quietly pushed for years to end her conservatorship

Over 134,000 concerned fans signed a petition asking for Spears to get her own lawyer and finally get out of the conservatorship.
Meanwhile, Britney's conservatorship was extended by the court owing to the pandemic keeping in mind the social distancing norms. 
Jamie faced a major setback when Britney's brother, Bryan Spears, said that his sister has "always wanted to get out of" the "guardianship."

"She's been in this thing for quite some time now. Obviously, there was a need for it in the beginning," Bryan said during an appearance on the 'As NOT Seen on TV' podcast. "Now they've made some changes and all we can do is hope for the best!"
Britney also opposed the idea of reinstating Jamie as the co-conservator. Her conservatorship was however extended to 2021. 


Documentary series 'Framing Britney Spears' released which showed the events that led to Britney's conservatorship in the first place. The documentary clearly showed how the media hounded Britney for years and created a certain image of singer which she had desired to break free of. 

The star reportedly suggested that a trust company take over her conservatorship and formally asked the court to nix Jamie's return, and eventually, a judge ruled that Jamie and Bessemer Trust Co. would work together to oversee the star's estate.

Jamie has, meanwhile, declared that his daughter has dementia and hence cannot be removed from conservatorship. 
The singer is set to make her first appearance in court on Wednesday ever since the legal battle began in 2020. 

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