'For my birthday this year, I climbed up to Tirupathi on foot' reveals Janhvi Kapoor

New Delhi, IndiaWritten By: Subhash K JhaUpdated: Mar 07, 2022, 10:38 AM IST
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Janhvi Kapoor spills beans on how she spent her birthday and why she loves fuss-free birthdays. 

Janhvi Kapoor in many ways reminds me of her legendary mother Sridevi, carrying the same aura of serenity, a rarity among  youngsters in the entertainment industry. The actress would rather read  a book than dance in a club, watch her iconic mother in 'Chaalbaaz' than watch the 'Squid Game'. Ever since she made her debut in 'Dhadak' in 2018 Jahnvi has been the quiet achiever. Knowing her, I am not surprised at how she has chosen to bring in  her birthday this year.

How are you bringing in your birthday this year?

For my birthday this year, I climbed up to Tirupathi on foot with my aunt and a friend. I think we all need the blessings of the gods at a time when we are just breathing free again after the pandemic. Also, visiting Tirupathi was something my mother loved doing with my dad. So here I am in Tirupathi. Tomorrow will be a quiet family dinner. That’s it.

What do birthdays mean to you?

I think birthdays are a time for reflection, at least for me. So I do think about what I’ve done with my life so far. I get nervous and anxious on birthdays because of the way they are hyped by those around me.That’s why I like to keep it quiet, lie low and just spend it with loved ones over a nice meal.

Do you like the candles-balloons-cake birthday?

(laughs) I don’t dislike it. I specially like the candles but I don’t like the hoo-ha that accompanies every birthday. I like to keep it chilled.

What is your idea of an ideal birthday?

To visit Tirupathi. I did that on my birthdays before Covid. I am doing it again now. My most cherished birthday memory is of my mother who would decorate the entire house with balloons and give  a card with a lovely message.

What has the film industry taught you during the past four years since your debut? Are you wiser now?

I have honestly learnt a lot during these years. Of course not everything went as per plan…when  does it ever! But I am so thankful for the experiences and the interesting  people I’ve met during the past few years. I don’t know about wiser but I’ve definitely grown up. I don’t think I’m as naïve as I used to be. I hope I’m better at  processing the world around me.

How did the pandemic change your life?

The pandemic kind of shifted rather re-aligned everyone’s priorities. More than the four years in the industry, I think it’s the pandemic which has made me wiser. I value my time on the sets and the opportunities that life offers me, much more now. Also, I’ve learnt to prioritize my own happiness much better now than I did before. The pandemic has made us realise what is really valuable.

How much did the pandemic affect your life?

Nothing went according to plans. The pandemic postponed, delayed, shelved  projects.This whole OTT movement since the pandemic has changed the equation between the artiste and the audience. There’s  a shift in the way the artiste works and the way audiences see films.

How did it change you?

I think the pandemic has affected different people in different ways.  But what I  have learnt is to not to be anxious  about my work. My work is fulfilling to me.And the reward for that work is more work, however selfish that may sound. But honestly what matters at the end  of the day is the time you spend with your family and also if you are happy with  yourself. I think the pandemic has  shaped that outlook  for me.

Tell me about your forthcoming projects?

I have finished  two projects one for my dad called 'Mili' and another for Aanand Rai Sir called 'Good Luck Jerry'. I am very excited about both. I’ve started  prepping for 'Mr & Mrs Mahi'. There are  a few other projects in the pipeline. It’s all looking very fulfilling, provided everything goes according to plan.

Your sister Khushi is all set to make her debut. Are you going to play her Badi Didi guiding her career?

Honestly between the two of us , Khushi is the  elder sister in terms of her emotional maturity. And in dealing with situations.

Does she ransack your closet?

It almost always me ransacking her closet.

If you had to change one thing in your life what would it be?

I don’t want to change anything. I am happy with my life. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I get, and for all the  people in my life. I think I am the luckiest girl in the world. I hope God gives me the strength to do everything that will make my parents proud.