China's mega facial recognition system will identify any citizen within 3 seconds: Report

WION Web Team China Oct 13, 2017, 03.33 PM(IST)

Facial recognition system Photograph:( Pinterest )

China, the country with the world's largest population is taking a leap in developing facial recognition technology. According to reports, it is building the world's most powerful facial recognition system.

The face recognition technology is designed to identify anyone in China within three seconds. 

According to a report in South China Morning Post, the system is enhanced to match someone's face to their ID photo "90 per cent time". 

The Ministry of Public Security along with a Shanghai-based security company is working on the project that was initiated in 2015. 

Isvision is developing the facial recognition system for a population of 1.3 billion. 

The company's system is linked to the police database of suspects which recognises potential targets in a large crowd.

The system can also be connected to surveillance CCTV networks. 

However, the daily reported that the project faces technological hurdles due to the technical limitations of facial recognition technology and China's huge population.

Experts have also highlighted possible security and privacy issues that may arise because of leakage of personal data. 

China has already begun implementing the facial recognition technology. Students in University halls and travellers in planes can enter their respective places with a smile or a blink of the eyes to the camera. 

Some public toilets in the capital city Beijing use facial recognition to prevent overuse of toilet paper. The automatic dispensing machine refuses to release toilet paper to the same person on consecutive occassions.