What's behind Donald Trump's recent love affair with Goya

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Palki SharmaUpdated: Jul 17, 2020, 07:06 AM IST

Donald Trump with Goya products Photograph:(Instagram)

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It's called Goya and the US president just loves it. 

US President Donald Trump has found a new addiction, apart from Twitter. 

It's called Goya and the US president just loves it. 

But what is Goya? It is a hispanic-owned company that sells food products in the United States and many hispanic countries. Its propular product includes a can of black beans, which Trump likes a lot. 

Trump recently posted an image of these products from his Instagram handle, in which you can see a range of Goya products lined on a desk at the White House. 


The question is why Trump has suddenly started endorsing this product. 

Apparently, his love for Goya began after a political endorsement by the Chief Executive of Goya Foods.

He recently praised Trump at an event at the White House, calling his leadership a "blessing".

"We pray for our president. Not everybody agrees though," the CEO said, a statement that triggered a backlash in the social media. 

#BoycottGoya started trending on social media, an high-profile people like Congresswoman Alexandria Cortez, artist Lin-Manuel Miranda and former US presidential candidate Julian Castro started supporting it. 

All these prominent personalities have hispanic roots. 

A lot of Americans actually started boycotting Goya products. And it is then, when Trump himself started supporting the brand. 

Trump has blamed radical left for this boycott. 

"Goya foods is doing great, the radical left smear machine backfired...people are buying like crazy," Trump tweeted.

However, people whom he is referring to probably his family. 

Trump's daughter also put out a picture of herself holding a can of Goya black beans.

The Trumps do know how to sell a product. The question is: Can they do this being in the position they hold?

Can the president of the US endorse commercial products? Is Ivanka misusing her official position as a senior advisor too the US president by endorsing a can of beans. 

The law says both of them can very much do that. But critics question the ethics.

Since the 1970s, the US Justice Department has emphasised on the importance of presidents acting as though all the rules applies to them. Most US presidents have historically divested their conflicting financial interests or placed them in blind trusts. 
But what former US presidents did was voluntarily. 

Norms, ethics are not just for Trump. His very first act as president was to breach all such norms. 

He made it absolutely clear that he won't divest financial interests, which means he can still run his businesses while in office. 

He can buy out any casion in Vegas, invest in Florida's golf resorts and certainly endorse Goya products. 

No law can prevent the US president from doing that. 

Meanwhile, Trump's support is declining amongst the Americans and he should probably focus on selling himself than a can of black beans. 

The US elections are less than a month away and he has removed his campaign manager Brad Parscale. 

Can a difference in campaign chief change Trump's fate. 

Time will tell, soon enough.