US senators lead the way to hold China accountable for coronavirus

WION Web Team New Delhi, Delhi, India Apr 04, 2020, 12.54 AM(IST)

President Xi Jinping wearing a mask visits hospital in Wuhan Photograph:( AFP )

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The US is offering yet again a glimmer of hope to hold Chinese accountable

Now, it has become more or less obvious that if China wouldn't have hidden about coronavirus, the world could have avoided this outbreak that became a pandemic in no time. With each passing day, the demand to make China pay for this gross negligence is rising.

China's might and influence in the global arena are well known. Many countries, developed or poor, don't want to confront this Asian giant, but at this juncture, now the most-hit coronavirus country has again shown some way and hope.

In the US, there are already lawsuits filed against the Communist Party. And, now two lawmakers are gearing up to introduce a bill.

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If the bill is passed, US President Donald Trump would able to exercise unprecedented powers to impose sanctions on Chinese officials. 

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According to the bill, anyone who conceals or distorts information related to coronavirus can face actions from the US. Some of the provisions include revocation of visas, barring future travel, among others.

Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley are the two senators who are pushing this bill. 

Also, the bill is named after the deceased whistleblower Li Wenliang, who tried to alert the administration with the outbreak of COVID-19. The Chinese regime tried to silence the physician who later himself succumbed to the coronavirus. 

The bill is yet to move on the floor for a vote, but China has already started making its case that China was transparent enough. 

A few hours ago, the Chinese foreign ministry's spokesperson appeared before the media. Although she did not speak on the bill, but accused American lawmakers of disrespecting the deceased Chinese doctor. 

A legal organisation has moved to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and made a range of allegations from inaction to negligence. 

The International Council of Jurists has filed the petition and demanded reparations from the Chinese leadership. 

China has caused "serious physical, psychological, economic and social harm to member states", the petition said.