US Election results 2020: Trump campaign loses legal fights in Georgia and Michigan

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Washington, United States Published: Nov 06, 2020, 07:09 AM(IST)

Donald Trump addresses media on US election day Photograph:( WION Web Team )

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While Donald Trump is trying his best to get the judges to rule in his favour, Joe Biden has accepted his win and is urging people to 'keep the faith, folks'

As the US election results are drawing near, the current President Donald Trump is repeatedly accusing his opponent Joe Biden of manipulating the voting results, and has claimed that all votes being counted now fall under 'fraudulent activity'.

Donald Trump has alleged that all ballots being counted now are "magically appearing" and has, therefore, decided to file a lawsuit now in Nevada, after losing legal battles in Georgia and Michigan. 

"You know, those ballots are going to magically show up just like they did right you saw that line on the curve up north in a 100 percent of votes. We went to sleep. I woke up two hours later after not sleeping for 3 days with this amazing a hundred thirty thousand about that one of them for Donald Trump," he said.

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Trump has been claiming that the elections are rigged since the night of elections when the mail-in ballots were being counted. He claims Joe Biden has rigged the elections. "If you count the legal votes, I easily win," he claimed. "They're trying to rig an election. And we can't let that happen." Interestingly, Trump started accusing Biden of rigging the elections only after Joe Biden started leading.

He has been urging the citizens to be aware and has asked his legal team to file lawsuits in all the states where Biden has shown lead after November 03 night. In the Georgia case, his campaign team accused 53 late-arriving ballots were mixed with the ballots that came on time. In Michigan, too, he tried to stop the votes from being counted. However, his team lost both the cases as both the judges from the states, Judge James Bass and Judge Cynthia Stephens, said there was no evidence or basis of these allegations.

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Meanwhile, a judge has ordered twice daily sweeps at US Postal Service (USPS) facilities specifically in Nevada and North Carolina, where the votes are still being counted. 

While Donald Trump is trying his best to get the judges to rule in his favour, Joe Biden has accepted his win and is urging people to "keep the faith, folks". Biden has been actively posting on his official Twitter account urging people to stay calm and trust the system. "No one is going to take our democracy away from us. Not now, not ever," he tweeted. "America has come too far, fought too many battles, and endured too much to let that happen."

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