US-China likely to reopen consulates shut in 2020, says report

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New Delhi Published: Nov 05, 2021, 05:07 PM(IST)

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US-China ties were strained during former US President Donald Trump's term. Both countries had asked the other to shut down consulates

In what may be perceived as a thaw in two powerful countries, US and China are steadily taking steps towards reopening consulates that were shut in 2020, reported Politico. Under former US President Donald Trump, relations between US and China were strained over COVID-19 pandemic. The spat had resulted in US telling China to shut its consulate in Houston while China retaliated by asking US to shut consulate in Chengdu.

Though US-China relations appear to be strained currently over Taiwan, the ties between the two countries have quietly improved in recent months. 

The Chinese mood to men ties was reflected in Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin's words during the Friday briefing.

“Many incidents unilaterally provoked by the previous U.S. administration gravely undermined China-U.S. relations,” he said without naming Donald Trump. 

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However, unease about China is apparent within US military and government and military. On Wednesday, Pentagon warned that China was expanding nuclear weapons capabilities more rapidly than previously believed.

China recently tested hypersonic missiles successfully. US, however, found it difficult carry out similar successful tests short time afterward.

US's top military officer General Mike Milley termed Chinese tests as having been somewhat like a 'Sputnik moment' for the US. This referred to Soviet Russia's lead over the US in sending first-ever artificial satellite in space during the height of the Cold War.

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