UNSC session on Ukraine crisis: Who said what

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New Delhi Updated: Jan 31, 2022, 11:23 PM(IST)

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Russia tried to block United Nations Security Council's session on Ukraine but the blocking manoeuvre was rejected with 10 out of 15 members backing Washington 

United Nations Security Council on Monday saw a fiery session on Ukraine crisis. The session, requested by the US, was held as threat of Russian invasion against Ukraine remained high. Russian forces remain deployed along the Ukrainian border and tensions between Russia and the West are high.

Russia tried to block the 15-member Council from holding the meeting at all -- with its envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzya accusing the United States of trying to "whip up hysteria" by pushing a Security Council debate.

But Washington's UN envoy Linda Thomas-Greenfield said Moscow's troop buildup justified the move, and Russia's blocking move was rejected with 10 out of 15 members backing Washington.

Here are some of the major statements made by the countries during the session:


  • Russia's position threatens not only Ukraine but also Europe and international order
  • Russia is sending more forces as we speak
  • Russia has moved 5000 troops to Belarus and evidence suggests that it intends to take this number to 30,000
  • If Russia invades the consequences will be horrific. And we can't say that we didn't see it coming


  • We are not refusing to discuss the situation in Ukraine 
  • Deployment in our territory has happened before and hasn't caused any problem
  • This deployment in our own territory is getting US and the western colleagues that there is a planned action.
  • There is no proof of such a serious act (invasion). 
  • The Ukranians are being brain-washed.
  • Let the Americans show us any evidence that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine
  • Where did you get the figure of 100,000 troops? We never cited any such figure
  • US has 750 bases in more than 80 countries. 175,000 US troops are deployed around the world. More than 60000 are in Europe.



  • Russian forces continue to build up at Ukrainian border 
  • A serious talk in security council is required more than ever to work towards descalation 
  • Russian military drills are taking place in Belarus & Black Sea 
  • Militarisation in Donbass & Russian involvement in it is a cause of concern 
  • We firmly believe in dialogue
  • Russia should move back troops and engage in dialogue
  • We have rights to form alliances. It is a right enshrined in many international treaties to which Russia is also a part
  • We are ready to resume Normandy talks in all formats


  • Today over 100,000 Russian troops are amassed with all weaponry.
  • This is not a routine deployment. It is largest in decades.
  • We are unwavering in our support to Ukraine.
  • At the same time, we have called for a NATO Russia Council engagement.
  • We are committed to a genuine dialogue.
  • This is not a regional issue.
  • Any invasion will be gross violation of charter.


  • We have made various efforts to normalize the situation in Ukraine
  • Belarus is willing to provide all the support to settle the dispute in Ukraine
  • Military drills in Belarus aren't to threaten anyone



  • We can't align with USA's point of view.
  • Russia has repeatedly stated that it has no plans of any invasion and Ukraine has said there is no war.
  • What is the basis for these countries to say there is a war?
  • What we urgently need now is quiet diplomacy and not microphone diplomacy.
  • China calls all parties to remain calm.
  • NATO epitomises group politics.
  • We need to abandon Cold War mentality.


  • We express our deep concerns on the build-up on the border
  • This movement of troop and weaponry is very worrying. Especially for us in Europe.
  • Countries shd be free to join whichever organisation they want to join
  • Albania believes this issue shd be solved thru talks 
  • There are several ways to defuse the situation
  • The instability of Ukraine will impact the whole of Europe


  • The situation on the borders is a deep concern for France
  • It raises legitimate questions on Russia intentions, since it has infringed Ukraine territory in the past.
  • We Call on Russia to de-escalate and engage in dialogue.
  • We plan to take forward the Normandy Format talks in Berlin.


  • We have been closely following and all for diplomatic resolution.
  • We have been in touch with all parties. We welcome the efforts under Normandy format and Minsk agreement.
  • Quiet and constructive diplomacy is the need of the hour.
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