UK: Three million homes at risk of flooding due to climate change

New DelhiUpdated: Oct 25, 2021, 09:07 PM IST
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One in ten homes and other structures in the UK risk flooding in coming decades. For some cities and districts in the country the ratio is even worse

Climate change is real and if not arrested, will wreak havoc worldwide. If polar ice caps melt, the sea levels will rise and coastal cities and even many of those situated inland risk permanent flooding.

Data gathered by a location intelligence provider Gamma has revealed that around three million homes in the UK risk flooding by 2050. Gamma has released a map and a few images that are sure to scare those who live in the area.

The data has come to light just a week before COP26 climate summit in Glasgow where world leaders will gather to decide on measures to take to arrest global warming.

Three million houses in the country equals 1 in every 10 houses that will be flooded, as per data presented by Gamma. For some cities and districts the ratio is worse.

A third of all buildings in Great Yarmouth risk getting flooded in next 29 years.

In case of Portsmouth one in five buildings risk getting flooded over the same time period.

Flooding isn't the only cause of worry for the Brits. Climate change may cause hotter, drier summers that may lead to uneven cracking of building material that may prove problematic to structures.