Serious Face Challenge: How not to scream while taking a roller coaster ride

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaEdited By: Palki SharmaUpdated: Jul 14, 2020, 07:09 AM IST

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At a time when the world is falling apart, you are not allowed to scream

Grab a seat of the next toller coaster ride. Fasten your seat, wait for the ride to kick-off. But, don't scream.

At a time when the world is falling apart, you are not allowed to scream. Stay calm, when even your mask is about to fly off. 

When even GoPro seems shaken, you are not allowed to scream. No screaming as you come down from thousands of feet at a brisk pace. 

You just have to remain silent as you take a roller coaster ride. Is that even possible practically?

Japanese theme parks say this is possible. With the opening of the country's amusement parks, this weird rule is being discussed everywhere. 

The rule has been recommended to contain the spread of coronavirus infection. 

People who want to take this ride are now confused. They want to buy the tickets, but how could they not scream. 

Some visitors at the Fuji-Q Highland park asked this question to the authorities. So, the park executives recorded a demonstration video to show visitors how it's done. 

Daisuke Iwata and Koichiro Horiuchi tasted success on social media after a video showed their straight, almost bored faces while taking a roller coaster ride became an instant hit. 

They have inspired the "serious face challenge".

Some people have clicked themselves relaxing on a roller coaster ride. Here's a look. 


The best performances will get free day passes to the theme park. 

This challenge shows that it may just be possible to not scream a roller coaster ride. 

And this will definitely be in the list of new things the pandemic has taught us.