Russia has deployed hypersonic missiles, says Putin

WION Web Team Russia Dec 25, 2019, 11.10 AM(IST)

File photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Photograph:( AFP )

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The missiles can be launched from Mig-31 fighter jets and can travel ten times faster than the speed of sound.

Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that his country is in possession of missiles that can travel faster than the speed of sound known as hypersonic missiles.

Putin's claim came after a crucial meeting with top security officials in Moscow on Tuesday.

The Russian president asserted that for the first time in the combined history of the former the Soviet Union and Russia, the country is leading the world in military technology.

"Neither the Soviet Union nor Russia has ever aimed to create threats to other countries. And we were catching up all the time," Putin said.

"Today, there is a unique situation in our new and contemporary history. We are being caught up. Not in any country of the world, there is a hypersonic weapon at all. All the more, nobody has hypersonic weapons of coast-to-coast range." 

Putin said that hypersonic missiles have already been deployed in the Russian forces. 

The missiles can be launched from MiG-31 fighter jets and can travel ten times faster than the speed of sound. Putin claimed the Kinzhal missiles can change course and altitude to escape interception.

The other missile system called the Avangard is scheduled to enter service later this month which the president claimed can travel twenty times faster than the speed of sound.

The United States in a statement said it had nothing to add to Putin's comments. In August, Pentagon chief Mark Esper had said that hypersonic weapons were a priority of the US military amid fears of Russia's military technology.