Relief for Indian national as Indonesia suspends execution of 10 convicts

Gurdip Singh's legal representative has advised him to file for presidential clemency under the relevant law in Indonesia. Photograph:( Getty )

Reuters Jakarta, Indonesia Jul 29, 2016, 09.32 AM (IST)
Indonesia's Attorney General said the execution of at least 10 convicts on Friday (July 29) will be suspended pending further reviews.

Four drug traffickers, three Nigerians and one Indonesian, were executed by firing squad during a thunderstorm shortly after midnight earlier today at the prison Island of Nusakambangan.

Initially Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo said 14 convicted drug traffickers, including citizens of India, Pakistan, and Zimbabwe, would be executed.

"After we've done the assessment we decided that four people needed to be executed in the early hours today, while the ten other people will be decided later. This suspension was decided through comprehensive assessment and careful thought to avoid any possible mistakes from the judicial aspect and non-judicial aspect." said Prasetyo during a news conference in Jakarta.

Gurdip Singh of India was among the 10 convicts that were facing execution in a drug peddling case. Singh was found guilty by an Indonesian court and handed death penalty in 2005.

The date for the next round of executions has not been set, Prasetyo said.

The government ignored international calls for clemency and pushed ahead with its plans.

"I have not heard of any diplomatic pressures but only appeals, and I don't feel like I was pressured. We must enforce and respect the rule of law in our country, surely it's our dignity," said Prasetyo.

At least two prisoners among that group of 10, a Pakistani national and an Indonesian woman, have applied for presidential clemency, their representatives said. They said legal proceedings could take a long time.