Political leaders defy their own by breaking 'self-made' coronavirus protocols!

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New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaUpdated: May 04, 2020, 10:56 PM IST


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Rich or poor, young or old, nobody's immune to this virus, not even top political leaders.

Why political leaders don't get social distancing? 

There's a palpable sense of fear about how infectious the coronavirus is.

Rich or poor, young or old, nobody's immune to this virus, not even top political leaders.

Leaders, who just don't understand the concept of social distancing.

First, we had the British prime minister Boris Johnson. He wanted to shake hands with everybody -- even coronavirus patients. When confronted Johnson proudly stated that a virus will not stop him from greeting people. The virus only sent him to the ICU!

Now we have another leader hell-bent on proving social distancing useless and his name is Jair Bolsonaro --- the president of Brazil.

For 3 months now, Bolsonaro has downplayed how infectious this virus is. The trajectory of coronavirus in Brazil is reflective of Bolsonaro's denial. There are over 101,000 cases and counting. There have been more than 7,000 deaths. What does the Brazilian president plan on doing to break the chain of transmission? Yet here's what's happening in Brazil. A protest! The Brazilian president himself leads these protests.

This is Jair Bolsonaro leading an anti-stay at home protest. Thousands of supporters were allowed into the courtyard of the presidential palace. Jair Bolsonaro himself did not wear a mask. He said: "Guys, it's a spontaneous demonstration, in defence of democracy, of freedom, to govern without interference to work for the future of Brazil. I am sure that this goal will be reached because we all want the good of our country. Thank you all, I will stay here for a while!"

The virus was not too nice the last time a leader defied social distancing and then there are some leaders who are not too nice when questioned about social distancing.

Like Pakistan's Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the Foreign Minister who is quite sprightly for his age. He turned up at a coronavirus treatment centre without a mask. He then decided to hold a press conference in defiance of social distancing.

When confronted by reporters -- this lawmaker told them that they weren't following the rules either. He responded by calling it "negative thinking".

Pakistan has recorded its highest spike in coronavirus cases with 1,900 new infections have been reported in the last 24 hours.

The negative approach of the Pakistan government is doing enough damage.