Poland's envoy Adam Burakowski says India can convince Russia to stop war

New DelhiWritten By: Sidhant SibalUpdated: Sep 02, 2022, 03:16 PM IST
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The ambassador pointed out that India's foreign policy is of "neutrality", and it can convince Russia to end the war. 

Poland's Ambassador to India Adam Burakowski has called on New Delhi to convince Moscow that the ongoing war doesn't benefit the country.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February, impacting Europe’s frontline states like Poland, which have been inundated by refugees. Poland, which borders Ukraine, has played a key role in providing humanitarian assistance to those fleeing the country. 

Speaking to a group of journalists, ambassador Burakowski said, "India can talk to the other side and convince them that this war is also not in the benefit of Russia. I mean, Russia, doesn't benefit from this war, and Russia can stop this war by withdrawing troops from occupied territories of Ukraine."

India and Russia have close and historical ties, with defence and now energy being the main pillars of the relationship.

The ambassador pointed out that India's foreign policy is of "neutrality, which means, India talks to everyone". Further explaining, he said, "India has dialogue with other countries, there is need of a dialogue and since India has this special relationship with Russia, why not."

Poland foreign minister Zbigniew Rau was in Delhi earlier this year for the Raisina Dialogue and held talks with India's external affairs minister Dr S Jaishankar.

Poland played a key role in the evacuation of Indians, mostly students from Ukraine, when the invasion started. The country helped in the evacuation of around 6,000 Indians and even announced a visa waiver for them as they fled Ukraine.

The ambassador said, "Operation Ganga was an example of good cooperation between India and Poland. Poland provided the possibility to conduct special flights."

India evacuated more than 22,000 of its nationals under Operation Ganga.

The ambassador slammed Russia saying that the country is "using food as a weapon”.

“They are destroying and stealing crops of Ukraine. They are blocking ports, from which Ukraine wants to export grain.”

He further said, "Fortunately, there was an agreement signed on July 22 in Istanbul on the safe transportation of grains and fertilizers from Ukrainian ports to global markets. Just one day after signing the agreement, Russia attacked the port of Odesa which showed intentions of Russia."

He batted for Europe to decouple from Russian energy resources as well.