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New Delhi, Delhi, India Oct 10, 2017, 05.08 AM(IST) Written By: Sneha Mukherjee

White nationalists hold protest in Charlottesville Photograph:( Reuters )

If one has to abide by history, then this week a strange incident occurred in the University of Virginia, where a group of thousand white people (immigrants from 1600) took a tiki torch march demanding an end to immigration.

The University of Virginia founded in 1819 by the declaration of independence author Thomas Jefferson amongst many other things is well known for its historical foundations. Situated in a peaceful locality of 50,000 residents Charlottesville witnessed another incident of white supremacist rally, this time headed by self-promoting white supremacist Richard Spencer, also a graduate of the University of Virginia.

In a self-recorded film, he went on saying “your head's gonna spin, how many times we are going to be back here. We're going to make Charlottesville the center of the universe.”

Now that's challenging the entire physical cosmology, from a university which boasts about one of the best graduate programs in physics in the world.

On the other hand, White nationalists carrying torches marched in Charlottesville, Virginia governor declared a state of emergency after violent outbursts.

The mayor of the Charlottesville had to say this:


After speaking to Indian parents of students studying in and around Virginia, the sentiment common amongst them was, they still trust the respective universities and were not afraid for their children. None has reported an incident of racism on campus.

One of the parents even narrated an interesting story where the University of Virginia tech cancelled the admission of a white student who went on saying on the common facebook page for the freshers that the Indians are taking too much space there. The interesting part is not the responsible action taken by the university, but it was taken without anyone reporting the incident.

They term the Saturday march as an isolated incident driven by few people who don't actually reflect the sentiments of the larger society.

At present, a hundred and thousand Indian students are studying under different courses in the USA. Even if one goes by the average course fee paid by these students, it amounts to 518 crores US dollars.

Although, the recent media reporting from the US term it as another example which exposes the deeply seeded divide which has always existed in America.

One has to understand that the policies seem more like plugging loopholes in the administration rather than attacking various ethnicities.

Around similar times, Trump administration releases hard-line immigration principles, threatening the deal on 'dreamers'.

Many would like to draw parallel lines from both the incidents, yet one has to understand that the policies seem more like plugging loopholes in the administration rather than attacking various ethnicities, at least for now.

Many unite the right protesters wore white nationalist and Nazi paraphernalia, a militia arrived armed with heavy weaponry and some individuals wore Ku Klux Klan imagery. Former KKK leader David Duke attended.

The gathering is a reminder of an undercurrent which supposedly got Trump to be the president, the anti-semitic, anti-immigration, and racist slogans reflects not the hatred but maybe the insecurity of the whites which is seeded as KKK is a group founded in 1921: its members put on hoods and burned crosses at midnight at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s sprawling plantation and the site of his grave.

So is this the other side of the pole, when we talk of Muslim radicalisation. Finally, what can summarise the uprising sentiments better, than George Orwell from Animal Farm?

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.


Sneha Mukherjee

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