Of sore losers, and votes that matter: How the US is reacting to #TrumpMeltdown

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Published: Nov 06, 2020, 01:18 PM(IST)

Is Donald Trump a sore loser? Photograph:( WION )

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Donald Trump's meltdown on Twitter has also met with some interesting responses. (Warning: Light content)

The hugely contentious US presidential election has come down to four states -- Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada -- deciding the victor.

Since the November 3 vote, the incumbent president, Donald Trump, at his post-election rallies, has called for ballot counting to be stopped, and contended without proof there has been voter fraud -- so much so that several US TV networks late Thursday halted live coverage of his first public appearance since election night.

The networks conclude that the president was spreading disinformation.

Trump spoke as late vote counting in battleground states showed Democrat Joe Biden steadily closing in on victory. 

"They are trying to steal the election," an increasingly isolated Trump said in an extraordinary appearance at the White House on Thursday, two days after polls closed.

At the event, CNN's Jim Acosta taunted Trump as he stormed off stage following his 17-minute tirade about being cheated out of winning the election. 

Trump didn't answer a single question as several reporters demanded answers from him, including Acosta who asked: 'Are you being a sore loser?' 

Trump ignored Acosta's question and walked out the door following the press conference -- after claiming the entire election process was rigged against him from start to finish.

Trump, whose campaign has launched lawsuits in several battleground states, noted the polls got the election wrong -- just like the 'phony polls' did in 2016.

The incumbent president has even cried foul on Twitter. But his tweets have often been masked with notices telling people the claims are misleading.

Trump's meltdown on Twitter has also met with some interesting responses.

(Warning: Light content. Feel free to laugh, only if Trump isn't watching :))

Must say Greta Thunberg knows how to give it back ;)


I'm not crying. You are :'(



A great person once said, "Whiners are wieners!"


All votes matter. Don't they? They do. Don't they?


Ain't no stoppin' then now?


Yes or yes?




That had to hurt :O 


All hail the sore-loser glory!

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