Italy set to legalise home cultivation of cannabis

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New DelhiUpdated: Sep 09, 2021, 09:06 PM IST

(Representational Image) Hemp is cannabis grown for medicinal purposes Photograph:(ANI)

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If the reform goes all the way through, Italy will be among the first countries to decriminalise domestic cultivation of cannabis

Italy is set to legalise small-scale cultivation of cannabis. A reform to that effect was passed by justice committee of the lower house of the Italian parliament on Wednesday.

The reform seeks to decriminalise growth of up to four female cannabis plants at home. The reform also seeks to increase punishment for trafficking and dealing cannabis. The punishment has been raised from up to six years to 10 years.

The reform was put forward by Italian PM Riccardo Magi. If the reform goes all the way through, it will make Italy one of first European countries to decriminalise domestic cultivation of Cannabis.

The reform has come two years after Italy's supreme court ruled that small scale cultivation of cannabis was legal. The landmark ruling came in 2019.

In UK, cannabis cultivation remains illegal. In 2018, medicinal cannabis was legalised in UK. Some British MPs have backed a move similar to Italy towards decriminalisation.

In United States, cannabis has been legalised in third of the states. Connecticut, New Mexico and Virginia have been the latest to join the list.