Is coronavirus outbreak the world’s biggest intelligence failure?

DelhiUpdated: Mar 27, 2020, 09:17 PM IST
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There is one country that seems to have an edge right now, the home country of the coronavirus - China.

The confirmed cases of coronavirus have crossed five lakhs, the world's biggest cities are shut and stock markets are in free fall.

The Wuhan virus has triggered an unprecedented crisis in human history. One virus has disrupted the world and this leads us to a question: Is the Wuhan virus the world's biggest intelligence failure? Did no one see it coming?

By the time the world swung into action, the virus had already crossed most borders. There is one country that seems to have an edge right now, the home country of the coronavirus - China.

There is no doubt that China was hit for weeks, but now, Beijing says it has contained the threat. It is closing down borders and opening up businesses.

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Fewer cases are being reported and factories are up and running again. Businesses will take time to revive, but they've made a start.

Companies are being encouraged to make coronavirus supplies. They are making equipment other countries might need to fight the outbreak. Big business and the government now stand to gain.

Interestingly, a book - 'Unrestricted Warfare: China's master plan to destroy America', written in 1999, says that China cannot defeat America in a direct military confrontation, but it can leverage its economic prowess to leave the Americans behind. The book offers clues into the Chinese mindset.

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This book's assessment has some eerie similarities with the present situation which is being quoted by conspiracy theorists. They claim that amid this coronavirus crisis, Beijing is executing its world domination plan.

Major countries are still struggling, but China already has a headstart. The Chinese government is going the extra mile to make sure businesses resume operations. 
While the world tries to heal, China is already up and running.