German Chancellor Merkel calls for burqa ban 'wherever possible'

WION Berlin, Germany Dec 06, 2016, 01.54 PM(IST)

Merkel has been facing pressure at home over her 'open door' refugee policy. Germany saw an influx of more than one million migrants following the implementation of policy. Photograph:( Reuters )

Angela Merkel called for a burqa ban saying that the 'full veil is not appropriate' in Germany.

The German chancellor said at her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party conference that wearing the burqa should be outlawed 'wherever legally possible'.

The 62-year-old Merkel had said a few months ago said that the burqa was a barrier to Muslim women integrating into the German society.

Dutch MPs voted a week ago to ban the Islamic full-face veil from some public places such as schools and hospitals.

The legislation must go to the Senate for approval to become a law. Similar bans have been imposed in France and Belgium.

About 890,000 asylum-seekers arrived in Germany last year and the numbers have since declined.

While Merkel has insisted that Germany will help people in need of protection, her government has toughened asylum rules.

Merkel is seeking a fourth four-year term as chancellor in the September elections.