Fire rages on across the United States as protests intensify

New Delhi, Delhi, IndiaWritten By: Gravitas deskUpdated: Sep 02, 2020, 10:38 PM IST

An incendiary device goes off in front of a Kenosha Country Sheriff Vehicle as demonstrators take part in a protest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, in Kenosha, Wisconsin Photograph:(Reuters)

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The arsonists defied dusk-to-dawn curfews. They tossed Molotov cocktails and bricks at the cops. The police responded with tear-gas and pepper sprays. This went on for three days. 

Election-season violence in the United States of America is intense. Something like this has not been seen since the street clashes of 1968. America has burned this entire summer.

On August 23, an unarmed black man was shot several times in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His name is Jacob Blake and he is just 29 years old. The man is now partially paralysed.

Police officials providing him medical treatment are the same ones who shot him trying to save his life. These images went viral and by evening a mob descended on the streets.

It started burning things down including vehicles, shops and homes.

The arsonists defied dusk-to-dawn curfews. They tossed Molotov cocktails and bricks at the cops. The police responded with tear-gas and pepper sprays. This went on for three days. 

On August 27, armed-militias were out. Self-styled vigilantes patrolling the streets with rifles. They clashed with the protesters. Among these vigilantes --- was a 17-year-old boy and his name is Kyle Rittenhouse.

He is emerging as a hero for some in America because of this 17-year old shot dead two anti-racism protesters.

He came prepared for the worst. He was armed with an Ar-15 style rifle. He was being chased and kicked by protesters and in his defence --- this boy ---- decided to pull the trigger. It made the situation more chaotic. 

 Protesters on both sides burned entire buildings to the ground. Smoke billowing from buildings as far as the eye can see. This is the aftermath of a week of arson in Kenosha. These buildings belong to both black and white Americans.

But their identities don't matter anymore and this is not limited to Kenosha anymore. This fire is spreading across America.

In Denver, armed protesters are rallying on the streets. In Los Angeles, huge crowds are gathering every night -- in complete defiance of social distancing. In Portland too, the crowds are swelling --- the violence hasn't died down.

In Washington D.C., the protests have turned entirely political.  Leading them are the democrats, inciting sentiments, and fueling the unrest.

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris said: "The road ahead, it is not going to be easy. But if we work together to challenge every instinct our nation has to return to the status quo and combine the wisdom of longtime warriors for justice, with the creative energy of the young leaders today, we have an opportunity to make history right here and right now. So thank you so much for inviting me to celebrate with you. Let's march on in the name of our ancestors and in the name of our children and grandchildren. "

According to her, "march in the name of our children". This is the same political party that is conducting its election campaign digitally. The Democrats are addressing the people from the safety of their homes. But they want the protesters to keep marching on and then we have the US President.

Missing no opportunity for a photo-op, Donald Trump travelled to Kenosha on Wednesday.  He didn't go there to comfort the family of the black man who was shot.

He went there to defend the cops, and the 17-year-old shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse.

Here's what he said in their defence: "People choke, just like in a golf tournament".

Trump said: "They choke. Just like in a golf tournament, they miss a three-foot putt. I'm saying people choke. People choke. And people are bad people. You have both. You have some bad people, and they choke. You could be a police officer for 15 years and all of a sudden you're confronted. You've got a quarter of a second to make a decision. If you don't make the decision and you're wrong, you're dead. People choke under those circumstances and they make a bad decision."

Donald Trump's selective outrage is only pushing America further into chaos and if you think that's bad. Then you must listen to his opponent.

Joe Biden, he promises to have a concrete solution to the protests. But he has decided to keep it to himself till November 3.

Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden said: "This president long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country. He can't stop the violence - because for years he has fomented it. You know, he may believe mouthing the words law and order makes him strong. But his failure to call on his own supporters to stop acting like an armed militia in this country shows how weak he is. Does anyone believe there will be less violence in america if Donald Trump is re-elected?"

Donald Trump and Joe Biden --- can both see what's happening in front of their eyes. They can both see that their country is burning. But they have decided to play to the galleries and push the narrative that suits them.

Donald Trump won't speak a word against the armed militias, and Joe Biden won't speak out against the arsonists and looters. The Presidential election is still two months away.