'Deadpool 2' released worldwide today, Blake Lively supports husband's film with a manicure

WION Web Team
USAUpdated: May 18, 2018, 10:48 AM IST
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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at the screening of 'Deadpool 2' Photograph:(Twitter)

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are hands-down the most socially active couple of Hollywood. Not one to shy off from expressing themselves in public appearances too, Blake Lively showed off her support to husband Ryan ahead of his movie “Deadpool 2” worldwide release. 

Pictured at the premiere of the film together, the couple looked like a million bucks posing for the shutters. Blake matched her attire with the superhero’s dress in the film and donned a red and black number with a huge loose bow at the waist. She also posted a closeup of her hands which showed off her well-manicured hands that had, of course, her husband aka Deadpool’s face painted on them. 

She captioned the post: “THE cassette tape as a clutch, a portrait of 'Deadpool' on my nail, an X-Force nail, a full DP heart on, and a ring-like Collossus’ fist. Can you tell I’m proud of my Deadpool? I mean my husband. I mean Deadpool. Honestly, I can’t tell the f@*#%ng difference... #deadpool2.”