Coronavirus deaths in the US cross 9/11 toll; New York the new epicentre

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Washington, District of Columbia, United States of AmericaUpdated: Apr 01, 2020, 11:16 PM IST
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Health care workers stand outside a tent erected to test people for the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, New York City, US. Photograph:(Reuters)

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There are more than 75 thousand confirmed cases in New York, that's way more than Wuhan. 

The Wuhan coronavirus cases are blowing up. Not in China but around the world. China used to be the epicentre of this outbreak but not anymore. The worst-hit country is now America.

With the highest number of cases. The Wuhan virus has killed more people in America, than in 9/11 or the Vietnam war.

And New York, not Wuhan, is the world's worst-hit city. Tonight on gravitas - we will take you inside the new epicentre of the Wuhan virus.

In New York City, forklifts are being used to lift body bags. The bodies of victims are being loaded into refrigerated trucks. These are makeshift morgues.

There are more than 75 thousand confirmed cases in New York, that's way more than Wuhan. More than one thousand people have died. And - New York doesn't know what to do with the dead bodies.

A hospital in Brooklyn moved a dead body inside a refrigerated truck. The death toll is expected to rise. So hospitals are preparing for it.

A hospital in Manhattan has created a makeshift morgue outside its facility. They have erected tents to keep the dead bodies. 

Every day, the situation is getting worse. New York is unable to keep up with the growing number of cases.

So, makeshift arrangements are being made. China built a hospital in less than two weeks. New Yorkers is erecting tents. This one is in the iconic central park. The most visited urban park in the united states.

These tents are supposed to serve as an emergency field hospital.No one is safe from the coronavirus. From the poor to the rich.

On Tuesday, this crisis took a personal turn for the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. His brother  — and news anchor Chris Cuomo tested positive. The city that never sleeps is being forced to stay inside. New York authorities say they will build eight temporary hospitals.

But, it might be too late. The hospitals are overwhelmed. Doctors are running short of supplies. The people are sacred.

On Monday — dozens of workers at Amazon staged a walkout. They are demanding better safeguards against the coronavirus. Online delivery is in high demand. But the workers do not feel safe on the job. Health workers too are worried about their safety. A nurse, working in a new york hospital says the situation is out of control.