Watch: Trump in California refers to fire-ravaged town Paradise as 'Pleasure'

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New Delhi, Delhi, India Updated: Nov 18, 2018, 02:56 PM(IST)

California wildfires: Trump refers fire-ravaged town Paradise as 'Pleasure' until corrected Photograph:( Reuters )

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At least 76 people have died and over 1276 are missing the most destructive wildfire in Paradise.

The United States President Donald Trump on Sunday visited California to asses the damage caused by the devastating wildfires ravaging in the Southern and Northern side of the state. 

However, things did not go very well for him as he referred the 'Camp Fire' affected town Paradise as "Pleasure" -- twice -- until officials corrected him.

"You don't really see the gravity of it (fire destruction). I mean, as big as they look on the 'tube' (TV), you don't see what's going on until you come here. And what we saw at Pleasure, what a name right now -- But what we just saw, we just left Pleasure," Trump said

Officials then corrected him and looking undeterred Trump continued speaking, "Paradise, and what we just saw at Paradise, is just, you know, it's just not acceptable".

All this while, state governor Jerry Brown was standing beside him who had been staring at the ground, instantly looked up with a confused look on his face as the president got the name of the area incorrect.

The outbreak of the Camp Fire in Northern California coincided with a series of smaller blazes in Southern California, most notably the Woolsey Fire, which is linked to three fatalities and has destroyed at least 500 structures near the Malibu coast west of Los Angeles.

According to a report by Reuters, at least 76 people have died in 'Camp Fire' in Paradise.

Thousands of people have also been displaced with over 1276 people missing by California's most destructive wildfire outbreak. 

Trump has however blamed the recent spate of fires on forest mismanagement sparking outrage among the people.

Scientists have said the growing frequency and intensity of wildfires in California and elsewhere across the West are largely attributable to prolonged drought that is symptomatic of climate change.

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