Archie Battersbee's parents to knock at European Human Rights office as a last-ditch effort

New DelhiEdited By: Abhinav SinghUpdated: Aug 03, 2022, 12:39 PM IST
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Archie Battersbee Photograph:(Twitter)

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Archie's parents will have to reach the European Convention on Human Rights office at 9 AM sharp and submit their application. 

Today is the day when Archie Battersbee's life support will be removed at 11 AM UK time. However, Archie's parents are still running from pillar to post to avoid their son's life support system from being taken away. As a last-ditch resort, both Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee will be making an urgent application to the European Convention on Human Rights 

"Our solicitors will be filing to the European Court of Human Rights. They've been given a strict timeline of 9 am. Again, no time whatsoever. Every single court case we've had we've had no time at all, one or two days to prepare and get the whole case together." said Hollie. 

However, with the 11 AM deadline approaching fast, it will be a race against time and authorities for Archie's parents to get their plea heard. They will have to reach the European Convention on Human Rights at 9 AM sharp and submit their application. 

A night prior to the supposed removal of life support, Archie's parents held a vigil by his bedside in the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, East London. They played Archie's favourite songs and television shows. Moreover, they kept constantly talking to Archie, telling him what was happening with the family and friends. 

Archie's mother Hollie revealed that Barts Health NHS Trust had even denied her family's request of transferring Archie to a hospice to have a dignified death if the ventilator was to be removed. 

"I think it's every parent's right to be able to take your child out of a very loud hospital for a peaceful, dignified - as they call it - a dignified death, which is what all these court cases are about, apparently, Archie's dignity." said Hollie. 

As reported extensively by WION, Archie Battersbee suffered catastrophic brain damage at his home in Southend, Essex on April 7, 2022. He was found unconscious with a ligature over his head. It is assumed that the ligature could have been due to his participation in an online asphyxiation challenge.

The High Court had previously ruled that life support treatment for Archie should be stopped as he is "brain-stem dead". The final decision was made by the court despite opposition from his parents and a last-minute intervention by the United Nations.

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