Ahead of Biden's democracy summit, China publishes its own 'democratic model'

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Beijing Published: Dec 04, 2021, 05:12 PM(IST)

US President Joe Biden speaks to China's President Xi Jinping during a virtual summit Photograph:( AFP )

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The paper, titled: 'China: Democracy that works' said the 'CPC leadership' is the 'fundamental guarantee' for the whole process of people's democracy. 

Ahead of the democratic summit to be hosted virtually by US President Biden, the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Saturday published a white paper on its "democratic model".

The paper, titled: "China: Democracy that works" put across "people's democracy" under the Communist Party of China.

The document said the Chinese system allows "community-level self-governance". "Under the leadership of community-level party organisation residents in rural and urban areas establish committees directly and exercise their democratic right."

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The paper said there are 503,000 administrative villages in the country were established by the village committees and 112,000 urban communities established by resident committees.

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"The whole process in people's democracy is a creation of the CPC in leading the people to pursue, develop and realise democracy, embodying the party's innovation in advancing China's democratic theories, systems and practices," the white paper asserted.

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The document further said that "CPC leadership" is the "fundamental guarantee" for the whole process of people's democracy. 

The paper declared that "people's democracy is a complete system with supporting mechanisms and procedures" while unabashedly espousing the primacy of the Communist Party as it asserted that the country should have a "robust and centralised leadership".

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The paper said, "the CPC is the fundamental guarantee for whole-process of people's democracy." 

The white paper said that over 900 million voters took part in the elections to the "People's Congress" at the township and country-level in 2016 and 2017 touting it as the "world's largest direct elections".

The Biden administration had excluded China from the democratic summit including Putin's Russia.

Russia and China slammed Biden's move calling it "an evident product of its Cold War mentality" as Taiwan was invited angering Xi's regime. The democratic summit is set to take place on December 9-10. 

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