Happy Holi on Diwali: CM of Sindh in Pakistan gets trolled for mixing up festivals

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New Delhi Published: Nov 04, 2021, 04:38 PM(IST)

(Image: @CJaipur1) The image earlier tweeted by Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah wishing Happy Holi right during Diwali Photograph:( Twitter )

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Chief minister of Pakistan's Sindh province got trolled as he wished 'Happy Holi' on Diwali. After online trolling, the tweet got deleted quickly

It always speaks of your respect for other religions when you extend wishes for a festival in that culture. But if you take the shortcut of not doing your homework right, your move of only scoring political points can backfire in a major way. And social media is the most troublesome place to commit such a mistake because someone is always there to take a screenshot.

Chief minister of Sindh province in Pakistan found this first hand. Murad Ali Shah wanted to extend Diwali wishes to Hindu minority in the province.

Nothing wrong in that. It's just that he wished people 'Happy Holi' instead of Diwali. Probably everyone knows that these two are very very distinct festivals that have no similarities in the way they are celebrated.

The image tweeted by Twitter handle @SindhCMHouse showed Mr Murad Ali Shah looking resplendent as colours of Holi were depicted to occupy major space in the photo. The words 'Happy Holi' can be seen splashed in big letters. 

But most striking AND funny is depiction of what appears to be a huge crane in the picture. 

Now Holi and Diwali may both be festivals, but it's absolutely certain that none of them involve any participation from a crane. It may be towards representing Sindh region but selection of imagery is certainly not festive.

Happy Diwali Happy Holi

Social media is a brutal place. And this mistake from chief minister of a major region in Pakistan has not gone unnoticed.

"CM of Sindh Province of Pakistan wishes Happy Holi on Diwali. Sindh is supposed to have most number of native Hindus and his  party PPP is supposed to be most inclusive and secular party. Anyway good try Mr CM," says a user.


Not surprisingly, Sindh CM has now deleted the tweet.

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