Fired for using expletive against boss, woman received $6,000 in compensation

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NEW DELHI Published: Dec 15, 2021, 04:28 PM(IST)

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The commission did give her compensation, but she was not reinstated in her previous position at Celotti Workforce.

After claiming she was fired unfairly, an Australian woman was awarded $6,000 in compensation.

A Darwin employee who worked for a recruitment business was accused of calling her supervisor a "w****r", which led to her dismissal from her position.

When she told other employees at labour hire agency Celotti Workforce about them, she dubbed her supervisor a "misogynist."

She filed a complaint with the Fair Work Commission, alleging that she had been fired unfairly.

As the case progressed through the complaints, it took some fascinating twists and turns. 

The Fair Work Commission denied her request to be reinstated in her job at Celotti Workforce, citing 'severe insubordination' in her office behaviour and words directed at senior management.

During morning meetings, the 56-year-old is said to have rolled her eyes and said to the general manager, "You are a f**king w****r."

She was also found guilty of 'deliberate agitation' of coworkers and 'chronic workplace bullying,' according to the report.

Being fired, according to the 56-year-old, was a personal, professional, and financial disaster.

She further said that due of her age, she would have a hard time finding another employment in Darwin. 

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