Teslar watch review: An absolute must-have timepiece

DelhiWritten By: Sahil BhallaUpdated: Jun 26, 2020, 03:43 PM IST


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The wellness watches are encouraging a consciousness towards greater well-being. 

It’s been over three months since I got a new analog watch. A watch which has been garnering me a lot of compliments. It’s a watch that, as a reviewer, I’ve had to wear on and off because of a couple of smartwatches and fitness bands that I still had to evaluate. 

During the pandemic-induced lockdown though, I’ve tried to wear the watch as much as I can. During the day, while taking a shower and even when sleeping, the watch is on me at all times. Why may you ask that I’m wearing a watch (and not a smartwatch with all its fitness and sleep tracking) all day all night long? Well, let me step back a bit and explain. 

Teslar watches - a blend of “American technology and Swiss precision” - have finally made it to the Indian shores. It’s a regular wristwatch fitted with a chip that protects you from harmful EMF (extreme medium frequencies) exposure. The wellness watches are encouraging a consciousness towards greater well-being. 

Teslar Watch

The watch houses a US-made quantum technology chip on the bottom, working in sync with a Swiss-made quartz movement and battery of the watch to replicate Earth’s natural frequency. By mimicking Earth’s natural frequency, it can reduce the negative effects of stress and help the human body “restore, revitalize and heal itself more effectively from the adverse effects of artificial, man-made electromagnetic pollution”. In theory, the watch should help promote a calmer and more relaxed mind, leading to more positivity in one’s life and even a better sleep pattern. 

There are a couple of studies on the long-term negative effects that EMF exposure can have on the human body. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity isn’t a recognised medical condition though.  

Enough technical jargon. I don’t understand much of what the watch does, and boy I don’t even know what the two buttons flanking the rotating crown do. It’s a watch that is eye-catching and that’s foremost why I loved wearing it outside the house. 

That begs the question; why am I wearing the watch more during lockdown than before this pandemic hit us? It’s a simple, one-word answer; psychological. 

Teslar Watch

I feel great wearing the Teslar Re-Balance T-1 Chrono watch that I have. It’s in black and it’s every bit premium that you can imagine. From random strangers on the street to people next to me at a cafe I  used to - pre-pandemic induced lockdowns - frequent, the watch has got glowing reviews from just about everyone. The watch suits my profile. What more can one ask from a watch that has a starting price of Rs 41,495? 

Well, in a world of smartwatches, a whole lot more! 

I’m generally a positive, optimistic (closer to realistic) and happy human being. I also sleep soundly, getting up very rarely in the middle of the night to visit the washroom or to have a couple of sips of water. With the pandemic raining down upon us, the thinking was that this watch would help me keep my chin up and not fall down with news of deaths spiralling on my computer screen streaming any number of news channels. 

I was very sceptical of the ‘wellness’ benefits from the watch but, for the first week or so, I gave it the benefit of doubt. 

For the first few days, I slept on average, a half-hour longer than I normally would have. I didn’t get up in the middle of the night and neither did I have trouble falling asleep. With the number of coronavirus cases approaching 50,000, we were only getting started with the negative news all around us. I spent my days writing, cooking, but sleeping a lot more during the day. It seemed like I had a routine going when wearing the watch, but turns out that was far from it. 

On the seventh or eighth day of the lockdown, I woke up around five in the morning, went to the washroom, and came back only to fall asleep an hour later. 

It was only in the second week that I noticed that my productivity wasn’t dipping. I had gone three whole days without wearing the watch. At first, I felt kind of empty and was brooding about the lack of an eye-catching and classy Swiss-made watch on my wrist. The moment I realised that my day was going along fine and I was sleeping well - despite globally reported coronavirus cases being well over 1 million - was when I didn’t have to flick my wrist every so often just to look at the time and smile at just how gorgeous a watch I was wearing.

It was purely in my head that a watch could alter the way I was feeling on a day-to-day basis. I was smiling more often not because of the reduction of electromagnetic exposure in my day-to-day life but because of how elegant the watch was to look at. 

Teslar Watch

I keep going back to how gorgeous the watch is. The attention to detail is brilliant. There’s the T that’s etched into the crown and then the triangular second’s hand inside the lower subdial. It’s just what you expect from a Swiss-made wristwatch. 

In the last week or so, I’ve given the watch another chance. In India, we’re about to cross the 5 lakh mark for confirmed COVID-19 cases. Worldwide, it is soon going to touch 10 million. There is no escaping the grim reality staring at us. Wearing the watch has surely lightened up my days but has done little beyond that to help soothe the nerves inside me on a daily basis. 

My takeaway is this. The Teslar Re-Balance T-1 Chrono is an absolute must-have timepiece if one has the money to spare, apart from the fact that some may truly believe in the “wellness” aspect. It’s priced fairly decently for a well-made Swiss timepiece. One cannot call the wristwatch overpriced.  

I just can’t recommend it for it’s ‘wellness’ benefits. I didn’t feel any upliftment upon wearing the way daily barring the dozens of compliments I’ve gotten which had stopped since I’ve had to hunker down thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.  

The watch has designs for both men and women but it’ll cost you a pretty penny.