Dyson V12 Detect Slim: necessity or luxury?

New DelhiWritten By: Priyanka Sharma PahwaUpdated: Mar 06, 2022, 09:32 PM IST

Dyson V12 Detect Slim Photograph:(WION)

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Dyson has launched its most effective vacuum cleaner yet. Question is, how much are you willing to pay for dust-free corners?


  • Price: Rs 58,900
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Laser light for hard floors
  • 0.35-litre bin
  • 60-minute run-time on ECO mode
  • Ideal for homes with kids, pets

When Dyson entered the Indian market, people baulked at the idea of using vacuum cleaners for Indian homes, especially those which were cordless, promised to rid your home of dust, as long as you were willing to pay nearly 50,000 rupees for one!

And then came the first lockdown. Traditional cleaning modes became more exhausting than ever before, as we battled work-from-home demands, engaging children, juggling chores and fighting Covid anxiety. Dyson's expensive but effective vacuum cleaners made their way to Indian homes, big or small and while most were overwhelmed by the numerous attachments, they got creative in due course.

The V11 Absolute Pro reigns as one of the company's bestselling commodities and now another vacuum cleaner is promising cleaner homes, at a higher cost. The Dyson V12 Detect Slim comes with laser dust detection technology which will give you a reality check about the cleanliness in your homes. 



I've said it once and I'll say it again. Dyson's design and technology are among the best in the segment. Carrying forward the legacy of the V11 Absolute Pro, the V12 gets some design upgrades including a 0.35-litre bin and a power button instead of the trigger to activate the machine.

Call it an unpopular opinion, but I enjoyed using the trigger instead of the button, as did my three-year-old son, who under supervision, learnt to clean the house floors during lockdown. He pretended he was a superhero from the Avengers' franchise and I let him have a go at it! 

But single hand use is not possible with the V12. This is definitely not a deal breaker but at this price point, it's absolutely imperative to demand ease of use. 

Dyson gadgets are surprisingly sturdy and I wouldn't worry too much about giving them to your children or domestic help. The V12 is lighter and more portable than its predecessor; elderly family members and children can use it without worrying about the weight of the gadget.

Since the bin has a smaller capacity, you will need to unload the dust more often which may annoy some.

Like the V11, the V12 Detect Slim looks more like Thor's hammer than a vacuum cleaner. The purple and gold accents give it an elegant finish. For ease of charging and to ensure it doesn't come in your way, I would suggest you dock it up on the wall mount provided by Dyson.



Every Dyson consumer has that moment of utter nervousness when they open the big box of attachments. The V12 Detect Slim has the best to offer and the Laser light cleaner is a game-changer. Turn it on using the little knob on the attachment and a beam will be directed across the floor. 

The green laser light catches every speck of dirt and grime which may be invisible to the naked eye and this gives this vacuum cleaner an edge over others. You'd be mortified to find dust and hair in corners of your room and the V12 catches all of it.

Homes with pets will love this attachment and you'll know exactly where your furry friend has been playing once you switch on the laser light. Homes with toddlers -- who are learning to crawl and discovering new surfaces -- will be using the V12 more often than they think.

The anti-tangle hair screw attachment is also quite useful to catch all those strands of hair which traditional cleaning modes often miss.

Apart from the Laser Light attachment, all others can be used for convenience instead of need. You have different attachments to wipe out bread crumbs and hair strands from pillows, bedsheets and mattresses; for electronics and glass surfaces along with dusty shelves. In my experience, these would probably stay locked in a cupboard somewhere since we're accustomed to cleaning smaller surfaces with dust cloths and mops. 

But if you're investing in such an expensive gadget, I would suggest you take all the swanky attachments for a spin and find your ideal cleaning routine.

The rear display provides you useful data about dirt and grime picked up along with how long the cordless vacuum cleaner will last on a single charge. You can switch between the more efficient Eco mode, the Auto mode for more intensive cleaning and the Boost mode for those stubborn areas where dirt collects despite your best efforts.



Dyson claims its new vacuum cleaner can capture 99.99% of particles which come in its way. This claim is impossible to verify but the biggest selling point of this machine is quick, fuss-free and effective cleaning. The new V12 is less noisy than its predecessor and if you're using the eco mode, you will be able to enjoy a good one hour of cleaning on a single charge. 

While vacuum cleaners such as this one may never replace traditional cleaning methods in India but they're catching up. The Dyson V12 Detect Slim is lighter, more portable and cleans floors more effectively than the competition. The only catch here is, would you pay nearly 60,000 rupees for a cleaner home? 

That's a choice for you to make.